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Cabergoline from SP Labs is a popular medication among athletes. It does not allow to directly influence the growth of sports results. Athletes decide to buy cabergoline from SP Labs to combat the progestogenic activity of some steroids.

Main effects of Cabergoline SP Labs

Cabergoline was created for use in traditional medicine. This is a female hormone that is synthesized in the body of women during lactation. This substance is also present in men, but in small quantities. Scientists cannot yet say exactly why prolactin is in the male body.

At the moment, it is known that this hormone affects sexual desire. However, with a high concentration of prolactin, men face a number of problems. Today, athletes actively use trenbolones and nandrolones. These steroids have progestogenic activity and stimulate the secretion of prolactin.

As a result, athletes may experience estrogen-like side effects. To prevent this from happening, you will have to order SP Labs cabergoline. The active component of this medication stimulates the production of dopamine. This neurotransmitter is a prolactin antagonist. Simply put, with an increase in the concentration of dopamine, the level of the female hormone falls and vice versa.

Unfortunately, bodybuilding enthusiasts rarely discuss the problem of increasing the concentration of prolactin on specialized web resources. This is especially true today, when there is an increase in the popularity of trenbolones. However, many bodybuilding lovers still care about their health and do everything possible to avoid health problems.This is evidenced by reviews of cabergoline from SP Labs, which can be found on the net.

Among the positive effects of this medication can be noted:

  • in a short time reduces the concentration of prolactin,
  • has a high absorption rate,
  • does not have a steroid nature,
  • accelerates the processes of liquid utilization.

Although cabergolin SP Labs is considered safe, side effects are possible with its use. Most often they are associated with a violation of the rules for the use of this drug. For example, exceeding the recommended dosages can lead to a sharp decrease in the level of concentration. This is just as bad for health as high levels of this hormone. Today it is known for sure that with low prolactin in men, sexual desire decreases and the general condition worsens.

Here are the most common side effects:

  • increase in blood pressure,
  • occurrence of headaches
  • lethargy,
  • blurred vision,
  • hearing problems,
  • dizziness.

Health problems can be avoided by strictly following all recommendations for the use of this medication. We also note that our price for cabergoline from SP Labs looks democratic compared to competitors.

SP Cabergolin SP Labs Administration Rules

This drug is used directly on the courses of trenbolones and nandrolones. A single dosage is 0.5 mg. It should be taken every fourth or fifth day. Cabergoline is most often introduced into the course in the second week. Take it until you stop taking the steroid. If it was a powerful course, then it may be necessary to extend its intake for another one or two weeks during post-cycle therapy.

Today, this medication is often used by men who are not actively involved in sports.This is due to the ability of this medication to improve health. For example, when prolactin levels are normalized, sexual desire is significantly increased and the time required for recovery between sexual acts is reduced. To solve the problem, the drug is taken in the same dose, but the frequency of taking the tablets changes – once every 10 days.


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