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Proviron from EPF is popular among athletes. This drug is an antiestrogen of the aromatase inhibitor class. Although it is inferior to anastrozole and its analogues in terms of its effect on the body, bodybuilders often decide to buy Proviron from EPF. The reason for this will soon become clear to you.

Main effects of Proviron EPF

The active ingredient of this drug is Mesterolone. This substance has a steroid nature and is a strong androgen – 150 percent. It is quite obvious that anabolic activity is also inherent in this medication – 40%. Since this drug is an aromatase inhibitor, we recommend ordering Proviron from the Moldovan manufacturer EPF for its use directly on the anabolic cycle.

The mechanism of Mesterolone is that the antiestrogen inhibits the process of aromatization. As a result, the concentration of female hormones in the body decreases. It is quite obvious that this medication should be used in courses of aromatizing anabolics.

As we said above, this is not the strongest antiestrogen in its class. Anastrozole, which is very popular among bodybuilders, surpasses Proviron in terms of its effect on the body. However, it does not always make sense to use more powerful tools.

The process of aromatization takes place in the male body constantly. Thanks to him, the required balance between testosterone and estrogen is maintained. This fact suggests that aromatization cannot be completely suppressed. As a result, taking anastrozole on light courses does not make much sense.In such a situation, Mesterolone is able to perfectly cope with the task.

In addition, proviged has another useful property for athletes – it helps to improve the relief of the body. This is due to the presence of a steroid nature in the active component of the antiestrogen. This property of the drug is often used by professional bodybuilders.

We note the most important positive properties for athletes:

  • increases muscle stiffness
  • indirectly increases the concentration of testosterone,
  • effectively slows down the rate of the aromatization process,
  • improves the relief of the body.

Also, athletes often note that the price of Proviron from EPF looks attractive. It is impossible not to mention the potential side effects of mesterolone. Since this drug has a steroid nature, in case of an overdose, there are risks of developing negative effects of the androgenic type.

Rules for using Proviged EPF

The scheme of administration depends on the purpose of the use of this antiestrogen. If you plan to use the antiestrogen for its intended purpose (suppression of the aromatization process), then the daily dosage of the drug is most often 50 mg. Start using Proviron in the second week of the cycle and continue using it until the end of the anabolic cycle.

This amount of medication is enough to get excellent results. Proviged is most effective in light and medium courses. If you use strong aromatizing steroids in high doses, then we recommend that you pay attention to anastrozole and its analogues.

With the help of Mesterolone, you can improve the relief of the body. The duration of such a course should not exceed 3 months. The daily dosage is in the range of 100-150 mg. Numerous reviews of Proviron from EPF will confirm all of the above.


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