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Proviron from Magnus Pharmaceuticals is a popular antiestrogen. This drug belongs to the group of aromatase inhibitors. In terms of the strength of its effect on the body, it is inferior to anastrozole and its analogues. Many bodybuilders decide to buy Proviron from Magnus Pharmaceuticals. And we are talking not only about bodybuilding lovers, but also professional athletes. With what it is connected, we will now tell.

Main effects of Proviron Magnus Pharmaceuticals

The active component of this drug is Mesterolone. This substance is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. Thus, Proviron, the price of which looks as attractive as possible, is of steroid origin. Mesterolone is a strong androgen and a moderate anabolic. The indicators of these types of activity are 150 and 40 percent, respectively.

Among the positive qualities of this medication, we note the most significant for bodybuilders:

  • effectively suppresses the process of aromatization in light and medium anabolic cycles,
  • stimulates the development of primary and secondary sexual characteristics of a man,
  • improves sperm quality,
  • stimulates the process of spermatogenesis,
  • increases muscle hardness.

Also, antiestrogen is able to reduce the activity of transport proteins. Thus, it increases the concentration of free-form testosterone. If you want to order Proviron from Magnus Pharmaceuticals on favorable terms, then contact our Black Side online store.

As for the potential side effects of this medication, the risks of their development are low.However, this statement is true only if you are using an aromatase inhibitor in strict accordance with the recommendations. Mesterolone has been used in sports for many years. During all this time, athletes practically did not mention the dangers to health. You can verify this by examining reviews of Proviron from Magnus Pharmaceuticals.

Rules for the use of Proviron Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Bodybuilders use proviron primarily as an aromatase inhibitor. Professional athletes have found other uses for this drug. Let's consider each of them in more detail. To slow down the aromatization process, you should take 25-50 mg of Mesterolone daily. Most often, bodybuilders consume 50 mg during the day. This is a universal dosage that is effective in most cases. Recall that Proviron is most effective in light and medium anabolic cycles.

If you plan to take anabolic-androgenic steroids in high doses, then pay attention to anastrozole and its analogues. These drugs belong to the third generation of aromatase inhibitors and have a high impact on the body. Mesterolone does an excellent job with the tasks set for solo courses of aromatizing steroids.

We have already noted that in professional bodybuilding this aromatase inhibitor is used to make muscles more severe. Proviron produces such an effect on the body due to its steroid nature. Note that other antiestrogens used in sports do not have this property.

To increase muscle stiffness, you have to take 100-150 mg every day. The duration of the course should be limited to a maximum of three months. Do not forget that Proviron is a strong androgen.


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