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Clomid from the manufacturer Magnus Pharmaceuticals is a popular medication among athletes. It is used during post-cycle therapy to accelerate the recovery of the body after anabolic courses. In our online Black Side store you can always buy Clomid from Magnus Pharmaceuticals. We are sure that many athletes will like our prices for sports pharmacology.

Main effects of Clomid Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Clomid is a strong antiestrogen. This drug belongs to the group of selective estrogen receptor blockers. Recall that another group of antiestrogens, aromatase inhibitors, are also actively used in sports. These medications differ in the mechanism of work and are used to solve different problems. That is why novice athletes should understand the features of this tool. We note right away that only men can order Clomid from Magnus Pharmaceuticals. Antiestrogens are not recommended for women to improve athletic performance.

All steroids have a number of negative effects. First of all, we are talking about hormonal imbalance. In addition, anabolics are able to suppress the activity of the pituitary axis. As a result, the process of secretion of endogenous testosterone slows down, and in heavy cycles it stops altogether. Thus, athletes approach the start of PCT with an altered normal balance: estrogen concentrations are high and testosterone levels are low.

This can cause serious health problems. To avoid them, restorative therapy was developed.Clomiphene citrate is not suitable for use directly on an anabolic-androgenic steroid cycle. This is due to the fact that this antiestrogen is not able to influence the aromatization process. However, it has a number of other positive properties, due to which it is very popular in the sports field.

Let's start the analysis of the main properties of clomid with its ability to suppress the activity of estrogens. Antiestrogen molecules are able to interact with female hormone receptors. As a result, estrogens cannot combine with them. This is what leads to a decrease in activity.

Clomid also performs another important function – it stimulates the production of endogenous testosterone. After the completion of the anabolic course, the concentration of the male hormone is actively falling, as synthetic testosterone is excreted from the body. At the same time, the pituitary axis does not work as actively as it should, due to the negative effects of the steroid. In such a situation, athletes need to quickly restore the production of endogenous male hormone. Clomid from Magnus Pharmaceuticals, the price of which is low, will help you solve this problem.

How to use Clomid Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Once again, we recall that Clomid is used only during post-cycle therapy. At the same time, the scheme of its use depends on the strength of the anabolic course. The daily dosage of this medication is in the range of 25-150 mg. For example, after a light course of steroids, it is enough for you to take 50 mg of antiestrogen every day for 2-3 weeks. If you conducted a strong course, then a different administration scheme is used:

  • during the first week, take 100 mg of the drug daily,
  • over the next 15 days, the daily dosage will be 50 mg,
  • for the remaining two weeks, take 25 mg daily.

The high popularity of this antiestrogen is evidenced by numerous reviews of Clomid from Magnus Pharmaceuticals. You can easily find them on the Internet.


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