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Anastrozole from the pharmaceutical company Genopharm is very popular among athletes. This antiestrogen is able to quickly reduce the concentration of female hormones in the male body by slowing down the aromatization process. It is thanks to this quality of the drug that many bodybuilders decide to buy anastrozole from Genopharm. You can do it with maximum benefit for yourself in our Black Side online store.

Main effects of Anastrozole Genopharm

Anastrozole is the most popular antiestrogen class of aromatase inhibitors in the sports field. Recall that these drugs are used by athletes directly on steroid courses. At the same time, only men can order anastrozol from Genopharm. To improve athletic performance, women are not recommended to use antiestrogens.

The drug considered today belongs to the third generation of aromatase inhibitors. It was developed in the mid nineties. Anastrozole differs from the second generation of aromatase inhibitors in higher efficiency and a minimum number of its own side effects. In clinical trials, it was found that the use of this antiestrogen in therapeutic dosages for 7-10 days can reduce the concentration of female hormones by 75-85 percent.

Let's note the main positive effects of an aromatase inhibitor:

  • indirectly increases testosterone levels,
  • effectively inhibits the process of aromatization,
  • has high absorption
  • does not have a steroid nature.

We also note that the price of anastrozole from the manufacturer Genopharm looks democratic. Athletes often talk about this.Since this is a popular drug in sports, you can easily find reviews of anastrozol Genopharm on the Internet without any problems. This drug does not have serious side effects. If you use anastrozole as recommended, then you are guaranteed not to experience negative effects.

Rules for the use of Anastrozol Genopharm

In sports, two administration schemes are used: preventive and therapeutic. In the first case, the drug should be started on the second week of the course. Tablets should be taken every second or third day at 0.5 mg. This scheme of use allows in most cases to avoid the occurrence of side effects.

On powerful anabolic cycles, athletes sometimes still face the negative effects of the estrogen type. In this case, you should switch to the daily intake of antiestrogen, and increase the one-time dosage to 1 mg. As soon as the symptoms of side effects disappear, you need to return to the first regimen of the drug.

The therapeutic scheme of administration assumes the beginning of use only after the manifestation of negative effects. Take 1 mg of antiestrogen daily. This scheme is not very popular among bodybuilders, but it is sometimes used by professional bodybuilders.

We recommend that you pay attention to the preventive scheme of use. You must remember that gynecomastia tends to accumulate. Simply put, when you eliminate the symptoms of this disease, they do not disappear without a trace. As a result, surgery may be required. To prevent this from happening, anastrozole should be used as a preventive measure. By suppressing the symptoms of gynecomastia in the initial stages, you can not be afraid for your health.


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