Xanodrol Oxandrolone Malay Tiger | 100 tab – 10 mg/table


  • The growth of power indicators
  • Suitable for women
  • Fat burning effect
  • Increasing the relief of muscles
  • Increasing growth hormone levels
  • No aromatization
  • Description

    Oxandrolone from the manufacturer Malay Tiger is the safest drug from the group of anabolic steroids. Previously, many bodybuilding enthusiasts believed that this drug was only suitable for women. However, now the situation has changed. On a well-composed and conducted course, xanodrol shows good results. Most often, bodybuilders decide to buy Oxandrolone from Malay Tiger for use during the drying period and work on relief. You can buy sports pharmacology on the most favorable terms in our Black Side online store.

    Main effects of Oxandrolone Malay Tiger

    The active component of the same name of this anabolic is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. According to its steroid properties, oxana differs significantly from the original hormone. The fact is that xanodrol is a powerful anabolic and moderate androgen. The indicators of these types of activity are 400 and 25 percent, respectively. Thus, it is the weakest androgen among all anabolic-androgenic steroids.

    Despite such a high rate of anabolic activity, the decision to order Malay Tiger Oxandrolone for maximum mass gain is not the best. This preparation shows itself well during the period of drying and work on the relief. Also in professional bodybuilding, it is used to draw bridges on "eternal" courses.

    Among the positive qualities of this drug can be noted:

    • has strong fat burning properties,
    • accelerates the production of endogenous somatotropin,
    • improves the relief of the body,
    • increases strength, endurance and performance.

    Often, novice bodybuilders note that the price of oxandrolone from Malay Tiger seems too high. We strongly disagree with this opinion. Evaluating steroids in terms of the amount of mass gained is wrong. Oxandrolone is a quality drug that fully justifies its cost.

    Rules for conducting a solo course Xanodrol Malay Tiger

    Xanodrol is the safest steroid for the female body. Athletes can use this drug in a daily dose of 10-20 mg. Men in a similar time period have the opportunity to take 20-80 mg. The minimum course duration is one month. In order not to overload the liver, we recommend using this steroid for a maximum of 8 weeks.

    Features of combining a steroid

    Oxandrolone is the drug that athletes can use for combined courses. Unfortunately, only primobolan-anavar is the safest combination for the female body. However, with the help of this bundle, athletes can significantly improve soy results. It is quite obvious that there are practically no restrictions for men when compiling combined courses.

    Specialists in the field of pharmacology do not recommend taking two oral steroids at the same time. Otherwise, you have complete freedom of choice. However, certain restrictions are imposed by the properties of oxandrolone. Since this steroid works best during the drying period, it is better to combine it with the following anabolics: testosterone phenylpropionate, parabolan, trenbolone acetate, testosterone propionate, masteron.

    What side effects should athletes be wary of?

    Numerous reviews of oxandrolone from Malay Tiger confirm the high safety of this anabolic. On the Internet, you can find a lot of opinions of girls who have already used this anabolic. They unanimously talk about the excellent effectiveness of the steroid and the complete absence of side effects.


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