Oxaver Oxandrolone Vermodje | 25 tab – 10 mg/table


  • The growth of power indicators
  • Suitable for women
  • Fat burning effect
  • Increasing the relief of muscles
  • Increasing growth hormone levels
  • No aromatization
  • Description

    You can buy Oxaver at an attractive price in our online store. Get to know the features of this AAS and the rules for taking it.

    Description of Oxaver Vermodje

    Oksaver is a popular anabolic drug from Vermoge. We recommend buying Oxaver to increase physical parameters and accelerate lipolysis processes. Oksana has a high fat burning activity. Because of this, it is worth using it during the drying period. Athletes of different levels of training, as well as women professionally involved in sports, can order Oxaver Oxandrolone. When using an anabolic, the risks of developing side effects are minimal. Although the price of Oxaver is not the lowest on the market, the drug is very popular among body builders.

    Application rules

    During the day, men can take 20-80 mg of the drug. For women, the recommended dosage is a maximum of 20 mg. The duration of courses with the participation of a steroid is 6-8 weeks.


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