Turinabol Turinabol Swiss Remedies | 100 tab – 10 mg/table


  • Quality muscle growth
  • Increased endurance and strength
  • Increasing the relief of muscles
  • Increasing the hardness of the muscles
  • Minimum rollback
  • No aromatization
  • Description

    Turinabol from Swiss Remedies is in high demand in the sports pharmacology market. This is easily explained by the excellent performance and high level of safety. By producing a light effect on the body, turinabol can significantly improve athletic performance. We recommend buying Swiss Remedies Turinabol to gain quality mass, increase strength, and also to improve body relief.

    Main effects Turinabol Swiss Remedies

    Turinabol's active ingredient is chlordehydromethyltestosterone. This substance is a derivative of testosterone. While working on turik, scientists sought to create a safer version of methandienone. That is why these drugs are often compared. Despite the great similarity of the molecules of methane and chlordehydromethyltestosterone, there are a number of differences between them.

    First of all, we are talking about the lack of a tendency for aromatization in turinabol. Due to this, after stopping the drug, the rollback effect is not as pronounced as after the use of methandienone. At the same time, the amount of mass gained is less. Many novice athletes, for whom safety is in the foreground, often decide to order turinabol from Swiss Remedies for the first anabolic cycle.

    Among the positive qualities it is worth noting:

    • allows you to gain dry weight,
    • has strong fat burning properties,
    • increases performance and strength
    • improves the relief of the body,
    • enhances motivation,
    • stimulates recovery processes in the body.

    We are sure that the price of Turinabol Swiss Remedies will appeal to a wide range of athletes. It is an effective and affordable steroid, which is very popular in the sports field.

    Turinabol Swiss Remedies solo course rules

    Due to the high level of safety of turinabol, it can be used by women to improve athletic performance. The recommended daily dosage for female athletes is in the range of 5-20 mg. Men use it in an amount of 20-60 mg during the day. At the same time, among bodybuilding lovers, the dosage of 40 mg is the most popular. The duration of the course should not exceed 8 weeks. After stopping the steroid, many athletes do not carry out rehabilitation therapy. This fact is explained by the mild effect of turik on the body.

    Features of combining a steroid

    As they gain experience in the use of sports pharmacology, athletes begin to combine anabolic steroids. Turinabol from Swiss Remedies is great for this. We do not recommend using two or more oral anabolics at the same time. This is due to the fact that tablet preparations have a certain hepatotoxicity and can overload the liver.

    As for injectable drugs, there are no restrictions on their choice. It should be remembered that turinabol is used mainly during the work on the relief. As a result, testosterone phenylpropionate, drostanolone, testosterone propionate, primobolan, winstrol and trenbolone acetate are the best choice when compiling combined cycles.

    What side effects should athletes be wary of?

    Numerous reviews of turinabol from Swiss Remedies do not contain information about the manifestation of side effects when using this steroid. This is explained by the lack of anabolic estrogenic and progestogenic activity. In addition, it practically does not suppress the activity of the pituitary axis. If you need a safe and at the same time effective steroid, then feel free to purchase Turinabol.


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