Oxiged Oxymetholone EPF | 20 tablets – 50 mg/table



Oxymetholone from the manufacturer EPF is actively used by athletes. This drug is the most powerful among the tableted anabolic-androgenic steroids. With it, you can gain a large amount of mass, as well as significantly increase strength. Note that only experienced bodybuilders can buy oxymetholone from EPF. Beginners should focus on lighter steroids: turinabol, stanozolol, methandienone.

Main effects of Oxymetholone EPF

The active component of the steroid is derived from dihydrotestosterone. Androgenic activity of this drug is 45 percent. As for the anabolic properties of the steroid, this figure is 320 percent. For the first time, oxyged appeared on the market back in the sixties of the last century. It has been actively used in traditional medicine for a long time. Today, oxygen is in demand only in sports.

We note the main positive effects of the steroid:

  • actively stimulates the processes of hypertrophy of muscle mass,
  • contributes to the growth of strength, endurance and performance,
  • minimizes and even eliminates pain in the joints,
  • allows athletes to recover faster after training,
  • improves the performance of all elements of the articular-ligamentous apparatus.

We also note that the price of oxymetholone from EPF is relatively low. This fact also has a positive effect on the popularity of the drug.

Oxiged EPF solo course rules

We note right away that only men can order oxyged. This drug has a fairly high androgenicity, which makes it dangerous for the female body.Some experienced athletes still use oxy. This should be done only under the supervision of an experienced sports doctor.

In amateur sports, the recommended daily dosage is 50-150 mg. Professionals in a similar time period can use up to 300 mg and even more. We do not recommend following their example. If you are bodybuilding for yourself, then 50-150 mg will be enough to get good results. The duration of the course oxyged from EPF is 6-8 weeks. After stopping the steroid, it is mandatory to carry out post-cycle therapy.

Features of combining a steroid

Oxymetholone is perfectly combined with any injectable anabolic steroid drugs. But you should not use it simultaneously with other oral steroids. This can lead to liver problems. Since oxy is a mass-gaining anabolic, it is worth combining its intake with similar drugs: boldenone, testosterone cypionate, trenbolone enanthate, parabolan, sustanon & gt,

What side effects should athletes be wary of?

On the Internet, you can easily find reviews of oxymetholone from EPF. Moreover, their number is large, which indicates great popularity among bodybuilders. If you have not used this anabolic before, then you should read the reviews about it. The fact is that it is an ambiguous anabolic. In theory, it should not aromatize. However, many athletes say that there is significant fluid retention in his courses.

Also, some athletes note the presence of risks of developing gynecomastia. To avoid health problems, we recommend using an aromatase inhibitor. Scientists have not been able to explain the reason for this phenomenon.For a long time, they believed that the whole point was the presence of progestogenic activity in anadrol. This theory has not been confirmed in clinical trials. Let us remind you once again that the use of aromatase inhibitors in oxyged courses will minimize the risks of side effects.


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