Turinabol Turinabol Genopharm | 100 tab – 10 mg/table


  • Quality muscle growth
  • Increased endurance and strength
  • Increasing the relief of muscles
  • Increasing the hardness of the muscles
  • Minimum rollback
  • No aromatization
  • Description

    Turinabol from Genopharm is a light steroid that is very popular among athletes. This is a universal drug that can be used by representatives of various sports. In our Black Side online store you can buy turinabol from the manufacturer Genopharm at an affordable price.

    Main effects Turinabol Genopharm

    Turinabol is based on chlordehydromethyltestosterone. This substance is a derivative of testosterone. However, unlike the original hormone, chlordehydromethyltestosterone is not able to interact with the aromatase enzyme. It should be noted that Turinabol is in many ways similar to methane. It is the lack of a tendency to aromatization that is the main difference between these drugs.

    In fact, turinabol can be called an improved version of methandienone. On the one hand, the lack of aromatization on the course allows athletes to avoid side effects of the estrogenic type. At the same time, on the other hand, athletes will gain less mass. However, it will be of high quality, and after stopping the anabolic, the rollback effect will be minimal.

    Turinabol is a strong anabolic and moderate androgen. The indicator of anabolic activity of this steroid is 100%, and androgenic – 50%. As you can see, the steroid is a less powerful anabolic compared to methane. We note the main effects of this anabolic-androgenic steroid:

    • allows you to gain weight without active fluid retention in body tissues,
    • increases strength, endurance and performance,
    • has strong fat burning properties,
    • improves the relief of the body,
    • is a strong anti-catabolic.

    The undoubted advantage of this steroid drug is the affordable price for Turinabol Genopharm. This is often mentioned by many athletes who actively use it. If you have not yet taken this steroid, we recommend that you study the reviews about turinabol. You can find them on specialized web resources.

    Rules for conducting a solo course Turinabol Genopharm

    Since this is a tablet steroid with a short half-life, it should be taken every day. At the same time, athletes can also order turinabol. The recommended daily dosage for women is 5-20 mg. Men are advised to use higher doses of 20-60 mg. The duration of the course turinabol Genopharm is 1.5-2 months. After stopping the anabolic, carry out a light post-cycle therapy.

    Features of combining a steroid

    If you notice that the solo course no longer brings the same results, you do not need to increase the dosage. This step will not increase the effectiveness of the course. This will increase the risk of side effects.

    The best way out of this situation is a combined course. We strongly do not recommend using Turinabol in conjunction with other oral anabolics. This is due to the presence of hepatotoxicity in these drugs. Most often, turinabol is used by athletes during the period of work on relief and drying.

    Thus, the most popular among athletes are ligaments of turinabol with the following AAS: testosterone propionate, drostanolone, primobolan, testosterone phenylpropionate, trenbolone acetate.

    What side effects should athletes be wary of?

    Turinabol has a high level of safety. Since this steroid does not have estrogenic and progestogenic activity, you are guaranteed not to experience this type of side effects. The risks of developing androgenic negative effects are also minimal. Thus, we can state the fact that turinabol is one of the safest steroid drugs on the pharmacology market.


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