Trenbolone Mix ZPHC Trenbolone Mix | 10 ml/vial – 200 mg/ml



ZPHC Trenbolone Mix is ​​a popular drug from a well-known manufacturer of sports pharmacology from China. This steroid is used by bodybuilders during the mass-gaining period and allows you to get excellent results. On favorable terms, you can order a mix of trenbolone from ZPHC in our Black Side online store. We always have drugs from the world's leading manufacturers.

Main Effects of Mix Trenbolone ZPHC

Analog trenbolone mix ZPHC has been created since the sixties of the last century. A mixture of tren esters came to the sports field relatively recently. This is primarily due to the fact that many pharmaceutical companies did not produce this drug. However, in the 2000s, everything changed. Today, every well-known company in the line has a mix of trenbolone.

This should not be surprising. As soon as the trenbolone mixture appeared on the sports pharmacology market, it immediately became very popular. Professional bodybuilders often decide to buy a ZPHC trenbolone mix. At the same time, experienced bodybuilding enthusiasts are increasingly paying attention to this steroid. This is explained by the high efficiency of this steroid.

Perhaps, the price of the ZPHC trenbolone mix will immediately seem overpriced to many athletes. Already after the first course, this opinion will change to the opposite. Due to the presence of three esters of tren in the composition of the steroid, which differ in the half-life, the drug quickly begins to work. At the same time, it affects the body for at least 10 days. As a result, you will be able to gain a large amount of mass, as well as significantly improve strength indicators.

This anabolic-androgenic steroid contains only trenbolone esters. This fact suggests that the indicators of anabolic and androgenic activity are extremely high – 400 and 200 percent, respectively. As for the main properties of the steroid, we note the following:

  • does not interact with the aromatase enzyme,
  • actively accelerates the process of mass gain,
  • has a high fat-burning activity,
  • stimulates the synthesis of IGF,
  • contributes to the rapid growth of strength.

On the net, you can easily find reviews of the trenbolone mix from ZPHC. Their number eloquently indicates the high popularity of this anabolic.

Trenbolone Mix ZPHC Solo Course Rules

Due to the long half-life, it is enough for you to inject the anabolic twice within seven days. In this case, the weekly dose is in the range of 150-300 mg. After stopping the steroid, be sure to carry out restorative therapy using Clomid. We recommend that you refuse to use tamoxifen, as this drug activates prolactin receptors.

Features of combining a steroid

The trenbolone mix goes well with any AAS, except for nandrolone. Athletes use this drug during the period of mass gain. Thus, the best option for sharing are long testosterones, anadrol, methandienone, boldenone.

What side effects should athletes be wary of?

Given the high potency of trenbolone mix, it can be assumed that there are high risks of side effects. If you follow all the recommendations, you will most likely not encounter them. You also have to use two auxiliary medications: cabergoline and gonadotropin.The first is mandatory for use in every course. Cabergoline is intended to suppress the progestogenic activity of the steroid. Gonadotropin is introduced as part of courses lasting from 6 weeks to stimulate the production of endogenous male hormone.


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