Trenbolone Enathate Trenbolone Enanthate ZPHC | 10 ml/vial – 200 mg/ml



A fairly large number of steroids are presented on the modern market. Some of them are recommended for use by beginner bodybuilders, and some are contraindicated. As athletic performance grows, light anabolic-androgenic steroids no longer allow you to progress at the same speed. This leads to the fact that athletes are forced to switch to stronger drugs. If you have already exhausted the possibilities of all light and medium anabolics, then we recommend buying trenbolone enanthate from the manufacturer ZPHC.

This is one of the most powerful steroids on the market. With it, you can continue to gain mass and increase strength parameters. Among bodybuilders, trenbolone enanthate ZPHC is very popular due to its excellent quality. However, this statement is applicable to any product of the Chinese company Zhenzhoy. To order Trenbolone Enanthate from ZPHC on favorable terms, you just need to contact our Black Side online store.

Main Effects of Trenbolone Enanthate ZPHC

The active component of this steroid is an improved version of nandrolone. Thanks to the changes made to its molecular structure, the indicators of anabolic and androgenic activity were significantly increased. In addition, tren is completely devoid of the ability to interact with the aromatase enzyme. Recall that nandrolone aromatizes, although not as actively as testosterone.

We note the main positive qualities of this steroid:

  • actively stimulates the processes of hypertrophy of muscle fibers,
  • the course quickly increases efficiency and endurance,
  • does not aromatize
  • has fat burning properties
  • is a powerful anti-catabolic.

Another important feature of this drug is the ability to accelerate the production of insulin-like growth factor. As for the price of trenbolone enanthate from ZPHC, it cannot be called low. Despite this, this drug will meet all your expectations in terms of the rate of growth in athletic performance.

Trenbolone Enathate ZPHC Solo Course Rules

After studying the reviews of trenbolone enanthate from ZPHC, you will understand how to properly use this anabolic. The weekly dose of the steroid is 150-300 mg. To avoid the appearance of hormonal pits, give two injections within 7 days. The duration of the course is 2-3 months. After stopping the drug, be sure to carry out post-cycle therapy. During this period, we recommend the use of Clomid. Tamoxifen should not be used after courses involving nandrolone and tren, as this medication activates prolactin receptors.

Features of combining a steroid

Trenbolone enathate ZPHC can be used in conjunction with any anabolics other than nandrolones. Given the mass-gaining specificity of this anabolic steroid, athletes prefer to combine its intake with testosterone enanthate, boldenone, anadrol, testosterone cypionate.

What side effects should athletes be wary of?

When using any sports pharmacology, you should be aware of the possible health risks. Since tren is one of the most powerful steroids on the market, the likelihood of side effects can be regarded as high. Today, in the pharmacological arsenal of bodybuilders there are special medications that can be used to provide reliable protection of the body from the negative effects of AAS:

  • Gonadotropin – used in trenbolone courses lasting from 6 weeks to stimulate the pituitary axis,
  • Cabergoline is the most effective agent for suppressing the progestogenic activity of tren.

By following all the recommendations for the use of sports pharmacology, you will be able to improve your sports performance with minimal health risks.


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