Trenbolone Enathate Trenbolone Enanthate ZPHC | 10 ampoules – 200 mg/ml



Trenbolone enanthate from ZPHC is a powerful steroid actively used by experienced athletes during the period of mass gain. This anabolic-androgenic steroid is not recommended for novice bodybuilders. This is primarily due to the high risk of side effects. If you want to order trenbolone enanthate from the manufacturer ZPHC on favorable terms, then contact our Black Side online store.

Main Effects of Trenbolone Enanthate ZPHC

Trenbolone enanthate is a long-acting drug. Its active ingredient is an improved version of nandrolone. It is quite obvious that while working on this substance, scientists sought to solve a certain problem. As a result, they managed to create a more powerful anabolic that is not able to aromatize. Experienced bodybuilders decide to buy Trenbolone Enanthate ZPHC primarily because of the high performance of this drug.

The indicators of anabolic and androgenic activity of the steroid are among the highest on the market – 400 and 200 percent, respectively. Of course, stronger AAS can be found on sale. However, unlike trenbolone, their area of ​​​​use is extremely limited. In support of this statement, it is worth considering the main qualities of the steroid:

  • on the course there is a significant increase in mass,
  • rapidly increasing performance and strength,
  • stimulates the synthesis of insulin-like growth factor,
  • accelerates the reduction of adipose tissue.

For many bodybuilding enthusiasts, the price of Trenbolone Enanthate ZPHC is essential. Unfortunately, the cost of this anabolic cannot be called low.Nevertheless, there is no doubt that all funds invested in the purchase of the drug will be returned. Tren has been actively used by professional bodybuilders for several decades. This fact indicates its high performance. Agree that they would not use an ineffective drug.

Trenbolone Enathate ZPHC Solo Course Rules

Due to the long half-life of the active component of this drug, you do not need to make frequent injections. To guarantee an even hormonal background, it is enough to give a maximum of two injections for seven days. The duration of the courses with the participation of the anabolic considered today is 2-3 months. After stopping taking trenbolone, do not forget to carry out rehabilitation therapy.

Features of combining a steroid

At some point, the performance of the solo course will begin to drop. This applies not only to tren, but also to any other steroid. This fact is associated with the body's ability to adapt to the work of any medication. In such a situation, you can not increase the dosage. Such a step will not lead to an increase in the effectiveness of the course, but only increase the risk of side effects. The best way out of this situation is to combine pharmacology. Bodybuilders prefer to use Trenbolone acetate ZPHC in conjunction with testosterone cypionate, anadrol, boldenone, testosterone enanthate, sustanon.

What side effects should athletes be wary of?

The risks of side effects on the courses of this anabolic steroid are high. However, after reading the ZPHC trenbolone enanthate reviews, you will understand that they can be avoided. To do this, you must strictly follow all the recommendations that we talked about above.In addition, you will need to introduce cabergoline into the course. This is a modern and effective means for suppressing the progestogenic activity of tren. If you are taking this steroid for six or more weeks, then use gonadotropin. This medication actively stimulates the work of the pituitary axis, the activity of which is reduced under the influence of trenbolone.


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