Testo E Testosterone Enanthate Zillt Medicine | 1 ampoule/ml – 250 mg/ml



Testosterone enanthate from Zillt Medicine is a high-quality and effective mass-gaining steroid. Although this drug appeared on the domestic market relatively recently, it is already very popular among bodybuilders. You should not be surprised at this, because this anabolic-androgenic steroid combines an attractive cost and the German quality of pharmacology. To buy testosterone enanthate from Zillt Medicine on favorable terms, you should contact our Black Side online store.

Main Effects of Testosterone Enanthate Zillt Medicine

Testosterone enanthate was the first mono ester of the male hormone with a prolonged action. It is quite obvious that he immediately became a huge success among bodybuilders. However, cypionate was then developed, leading to a decline in enanthate's popularity. In the post-Soviet space, this air continues to be one of the most popular on the market.

This fact can be explained by the high performance of this anabolic steroid. The active component of this drug is almost completely identical to the endogenous male hormone. The main difference between these substances is only the half-life, which is much higher for the steroid. In other respects they are the same. This statement also applies to the combination of the main steroid properties: the values ​​​​of anabolic and androgenic activity are 100 percent.

Thus, we can easily list the main positive effects of the drug:

  • on the course there is a significant increase in strength and performance,
  • the processes of hypertrophy of muscle tissues are actively stimulated,
  • eliminates pain in the joints,
  • regenerative processes are accelerated, which allows the athlete to recover faster after hard training,
  • increased sexual desire.

It is quite obvious that only men can order testosterone enanthate from the manufacturer Zillt Medicine. The use of this drug by women can lead to hormonal imbalance and the subsequent development of virilization. As for the price of testosterone enanthate Zillt Medicine, it is fully consistent with the effectiveness of the steroid.

Rules for conducting a solo course Testo E Zillt Medicine

The duration of the testo e Zillt Medicine course is 2-3 months. If you use enanthate for a shorter time period, then the steroid will not be able to show all its best qualities. Since this drug has a long half-life, it is enough for you to give two injections within 7 days. In this case, the weekly dosage is in the range of 250-750 mg. Experienced amateur bodybuilders can use up to 1000 mg. However, remember that this is a powerful steroid that can cause side effects when used.

To eliminate them, you will definitely have to introduce an aromatase inhibitor into the course. In addition, after the completion of the course, conduct post-cycle therapy. Its duration is 3-5 weeks. Take Clomid or Tamoxifen during this period.

Features of combining a steroid

The most popular bundles are parabolan, trenbolone enanthate, oxymetholone and boldenone.

What side effects should athletes be wary of?

Above, we have already talked about an effective way to deal with estrogenic side effects – aromatase inhibitors.Also, with long-term use of testosterone enanthate, you should use gonadotropin. This medication stimulates the HH axis and prevents the process of endogenous male hormone production from stopping. All of the above will confirm the testosterone enanthate reviews from Zillt Medicine.


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