Testirox P Testosterone Propionate Cipla | 10 ml – 100 mg/ml



Cipla Testosterone Propionate is in high demand in the sports pharmacology market. This prop pick has been popular among athletes of the CIS and not only for several years. With this steroid, you can increase strength and performance, gain high-quality mass, get rid of excess fat in a short time, and also improve body relief. If you want to order Testosterone Propionate from Cipla on favorable terms, then contact our Black Side sports pharmacology store.

Main Effects of Testosterone Propionate Cipla

Testosterone Propionate is a steroid with a short half-life. On the one hand, this indicates the need for frequent injections. However, on the other hand, the prop pick comes into operation almost immediately after the lead. Testosterone-containing AAS have been a success among bodybuilders for several decades. However, Propionate stands out against their background.

Many athletes who decide to buy testosterone propionate Cipla note the versatility of this AAS. This can be judged due to the presence of the following positive qualities in the steroid:

  • allows you to gain high quality mass,
  • increases performance and strength
  • is a powerful fat burner
  • improves the relief of the body,
  • enhances sexual desire.

Propionate from Cipla is almost identical to the endogenous hormone in almost everything, except for the half-life. This fact suggests that the body perfectly accepts this steroid, and athletes on its courses are insured against unpleasant "surprises". It is also necessary to say that the price of testosterone propionate Cipla is low and is designed for a wide range of builders.

Rules for the solo course Testirox P Cipla

The recommended single dosage of the drug is 100-200 mg. Injections should be given every second day. Some athletes do injections two days later on the third. Such an administration scheme may also be used. However, in comparison with the first, the risks of hormonal pits increase.

The duration of the course is 1.5-2 months. If you tolerate frequent injections well, then you can use this steroid for a maximum of three months. Although Testirox P Cipla does not aromatize as actively as long-acting testosterone containing AAS, we recommend adding an aromatase inhibitor to the course. You should also do a PCT after stopping the drug. Start taking Tamoxifen or Clomiphene Citrate 3-4 days after your last injection. The daily dosage of Tamox is 20 mg, and Clomiphene Citrate is 50 mg.

Features of combining a steroid

For novice athletes, the effectiveness of solo propik courses is quite enough. However, experienced athletes prefer to combine AAS with each other. To find out which bundles are the most successful, you can check reviews of Testosterone Propionate Cipla. Most athletes use Propik in conjunction with Trenbolone Acetate, Primobolan, Stanozolol. Winstrol, Drostanolone, Nandrolone Phenylpropionate.

What side effects should athletes be wary of?

Testirox C is a strong steroid. This suggests that the risks of developing negative effects in its courses are present. However, they are relatively rare. Even estrogenic side effects do not bother builders as often as they do when using long-acting testosterone-containing AAS. This is due to the slower rate of propionate aromatization. Also, this steroid has little effect on the work of the pituitary axis. In addition, most often the courses with the participation of this drug are short. As a result, you do not need to use gonadotropin preparations.


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