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Tamoxifen from the manufacturer Balkan Pharmaceuticals is an antiestrogen of the group of selective estrogen receptor blockers. This drug is very popular among athletes due to its high efficiency. In our Black Side online store, you can always buy tamoxifen from the Balkans on favorable terms.

Main effects of Tamoxifen Balkan Pharmaceuticals

The active component of this drug was created several decades ago, but continues to enjoy high popularity in the sports field. With the help of tamoximed, the body recovers faster after anabolic cycles. Only men can order tamoxifen from the Balkans. Women do not use antiestrogens to improve athletic performance.

As mentioned above, tamoxifen is a selective estrogen receptor blocker. This is important to keep in mind, as another type of anti-estrogen is used in sports – aromatase blockers. They differ in the mechanism of work and are used to solve various problems.

Tamoximed is not able to influence the aromatization process. This fact suggests that this antiestrogen is not used in steroid cycles. The optimal time for its use is post-cycle therapy. Tamoxifen molecules attach to estrogen receptors, which leads to a decrease in the activity of female hormones. At the same time, their concentration in the body does not decrease.

On a course of steroids, it is important to reduce the level of estrogen. That is why tamoxifen is used during PCT.After stopping the use of anabolic-androgenic steroids, the concentration of female hormones no longer increases, since steroid metabolites are actively excreted from the body. As a result, athletes only need to reduce the activity of estrogens.

Tamoxifen has another important property – stimulation of the pituitary axis. Athletes should be aware that all steroids negatively affect the HH axis. This can lead to serious health problems. Since the process of endogenous testosterone production slows down on the anabolic cycle, after stopping the use of steroid drugs, the athlete needs to solve this problem.

This drug has long been used in sports and traditional medicine. Today, the main competitor of this antiestrogen is clomiphene citrate. However, he continues to enjoy great popularity among athletes. With proper use of an antiestrogen, you are guaranteed not to experience side effects. Another important factor in its popularity is its attractive price.

Rules for the use of Tamoximed Balkan Pharmaceuticals

The scheme of antiestrogen administration is quite simple. Athletes should take 25-50 mg daily. However, many athletes use in minimal amounts and get good results. The start time of post-cycle therapy depends on the anabolics used on the course. If these were short-acting drugs, then start using tamoxifen 2-4 days after you stop taking anabolic steroids. After the use of long-term anabolics, it is necessary to start using 12-16 days after the last injection of the anabolic. The duration of rehabilitation therapy is most often 2-5 weeks.

If you carefully study the reviews of athletes about tamoxifen Balkan, you can learn about one interesting fact: in a certain situation, tamoximed is used directly on the AAS course. We are now talking about the manifestation of estrogenic side effects. In this case, the drug is used in conjunction with Proviron. Tamoxifen is the only antiestrogen that can effectively eliminate all the effects of gynecomastia.


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