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A large number of drugs are presented on the modern market of sports pharmacology. Moreover, not all of them are able to directly influence the growth of athletes' results. Some medications are designed to suppress the side effects of steroid medications. One of them is anastrozole from Swiss Remedies. It is a powerful aromatase inhibitor, capable of suppressing the estrogenic activity of aromatizing anabolics in short juices. We recommend buying Swiss Remedies Anastrozole for use on strong courses.

Main effects of Anastrozole Swiss Remedies

The active component of this antiestrogen was synthesized in the nineties. It belongs to the third generation of aromatase inhibitors and has a great effect on the body. During clinical trials, it was found that when using Anastrozole in therapeutic dosages for 10 days, the concentration of estrogens in the blood drops by 80-85 percent relative to the initial level.

These are excellent results. Not surprisingly, almost immediately after the antiestrogen appeared on the market, athletes paid close attention to it. However, it continues to be actively used in traditional medicine. It was for this area that it was developed.

Athletes are in a state of constant search for new effective pharmacological agents. Anastrozole, due to its excellent performance, is in great demand among athletes. In addition, the price of anastrozole from Swiss Remedies looks attractive, which also affects the popularity of this medication.

We note the main positive qualities of an aromatase inhibitor:

  • prevents active fluid retention in anabolic cycles,
  • inhibits the conversion of the male hormone into estrogens,
  • indirectly affects the increase in testosterone levels,
  • improves muscle tone,
  • is an effective means of preventing hypertension.

On the net, you can easily find reviews of anastrozole from Swiss Remedies. Athletes often use this drug and are completely satisfied with the results. Note that anastrozole, despite the high strength of the impact, rarely causes the development of side effects. To avoid health problems, you should only use this drug exactly as directed.

How to use Anastrozole Swiss Remedies

Today, there are several third-generation aromatase inhibitors on the sports pharmacology market. However, many athletes prefer to order anastrozole from Swiss Remedies. Experts in the field of sports pharmacology explain this with an extremely simple scheme for administering this medication, as well as its affordable cost.

We recommend using this antiestrogen as a means of preventing estrogenic side effects. To do this, enter the antiestrogen in the composition of the anabolic course in the second or third week. A single dosage is 0.5 mg. Tablets should be taken every third day. On powerful courses, the frequency of use should be increased – every other day.

If you still experience estrogenic negative effects, then the anastrozole administration regimen should be changed. In such a situation, increase the single dose to 1 mg and start taking the medication every day. As soon as the symptoms of gynecomastia and other negative effects of the estrogenic type are eliminated, switch back to the first regimen of the drug.


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