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Oxymetholone from ZPHC is very popular among athletes around the world. This drug is the most powerful among tablet steroids. Bodybuilders decide to buy oxymetholone ZPHC for fast mass gain. Note that the steroid considered today perfectly copes with the task. This fact is confirmed by numerous reviews of oxymetholone from a Chinese manufacturer ZPHC. You can buy this anabolic inexpensively in our Black Side sports pharmacology store. We always have products of well-known pharmaceutical companies in stock.

Main effects of Oxymetholone ZPHC

The active component of the same name of this anabolic-androgenic steroid was created in the middle of the last century. It is the 50-60s that are considered the "golden age" of steroids. Scientists in those years were actively working on the creation of new drugs. Oxymetholone was developed for use in traditional medicine. However, this can be said about any AAS.

Athletes are constantly looking for ways to improve their performance. It is quite obvious that they paid attention to Anadrol. It was under this trade name that oxymetholone appeared on the market. Despite the fact that this is no longer a new drug, it continues to enjoy great success. Given the great power of this anabolic steroid, only experienced athletes can order Oxymetholone ZPHC.

Anadrol is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. Due to the nature of its origin, it does not aromatize. Unlike the original substance, oxymetholone is a powerful anabolic – 320 percent.The indicator of androgenic activity looks more modest – 45 percent.

However, high androgenic activity most often causes the development of side effects. That is why scientists, when working on steroids, sought to reduce it. Among the positive effects, we note the main ones:

  • significantly accelerates the processes of hypertrophy of muscle tissues,
  • inhibits the work of transport proteins, thereby indirectly increasing the concentration of free testosterone,
  • eliminates pain in the joints,
  • increases strength and performance
  • speeds up the production of proteins.

In addition, oxymetholone ZPHC can significantly speed up the work of the hematopoietic system. As a result, bodybuilders on the courses of this steroid can achieve a powerful pumping effect. As for the price of oxymetholone from ZPHC, it looks attractive.

Oxymetholone ZPHC solo course rules

Amateur bodybuilders are recommended to take 50-150 mg daily. The duration of the course is in the range of 1.5-2 months. After stopping the steroid, we recommend that you carry out restorative therapy.

Features of combining a steroid

To increase the effectiveness of the use of anadrol, experienced athletes use this anabolic in combination with other drugs. For combined use, only injectable preparations are suitable. The fact is that the simultaneous use of two or more tablet preparations can lead to liver overload. As for the most popular combinations among athletes, these are long testosterones, boldenone, parabolan, trenbolone enanthate.

What side effects should athletes be wary of?

Oxymetholone has a high effect on the body.To avoid health problems, you should strictly follow the recommendations. Although oxymetholone does not aromatize, experts recommend using aromatase inhibitors in its cycles. This is due to fluid retention in the body. Moreover, scientists have not been able to explain the reason for the appearance of this effect.


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