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Anastrozole from the Moldovan company EPF is a popular antiestrogen class of aromatase inhibitors. With this tool, you can quickly suppress the aromatization process, thereby reducing the concentration of female hormones. We recommend buying anastrozole from EPF for experienced athletes. The fact is that novice bodybuilders use light anabolic-androgenic steroids, for example, methandienone solo. In this situation, the use of such a strong agent as anastrozole seems inappropriate. The best choice would be Proviron. But when conducting strong anabolic cycles, you should definitely order anastrozole from EPF.

Main effects of Anastrozole EPF

As mentioned above, this medication belongs to the group of antiestrogen. It is also an aromatase inhibitor (AI). This is an extremely important clarification, since there are also selective estrogen receptor blockers on the market. The mechanism of operation of these drugs, as well as the purpose of their use in sports, differ significantly.

Anastrozole must be consumed directly on the anabolic course. The active component of the same name is a third-generation inhibitor. This fact indicates a high impact force and the presence of minimal own side effects.

In clinical trials, it was found that the use of anastroged at therapeutic doses for 10 days can reduce the concentration of estrogen by 80-85 percent of the initial level. This is an excellent result, proving the high effectiveness of this antiestrogen. Not surprisingly, he is very popular among athletes.

We note the main positive properties:

  • has strong antiestrogenic properties,
  • effectively prevents the development of estrogen-type side effects inherent in some steroids,
  • high rate of absorption,
  • indirectly increases the concentration of testosterone,
  • stimulates the processes of liquid utilization,
  • does not have a steroid nature.

We also note that the price of anastrozole from the EPF manufacturer does not look overpriced, even taking into account the high effectiveness of the antiestrogen.

How to use Anastroged EPF

The administration scheme is not very complex. This fact is confirmed by numerous reviews of anastrozole from EPF. Finding them on the Internet is not difficult, which confirms the high popularity of this medication. You can use the drug in accordance with two schemes.

The first involves taking an antiestrogen for prophylactic purposes. Every 3-4 days you should take 0.25-0.5 mg. As part of the course, the medication is introduced on the 7-10th day. The second scheme is much less popular. An antiestrogen is used only if side effects occur. In this case, the daily dosage is 1 mg, and the tablets must be taken every day. After eliminating the symptoms of negative effects, anastrozole does not stop taking. In this case, you need to go to the first scheme.

We recommend that athletes, regardless of their experience in the use of pharmacology, use anastrozole in accordance with the prophylactic regimen. The fact is that gynecomastia tends to accumulate. Simply put, the use of anastroged will only allow you to eliminate the symptoms of the development of this disease. However, certain processes in the body have already been activated. As a result, negative changes will accumulate, and at some point you will have to have an operation. The use of an antiestrogen in prophylactic doses will avoid this problem.


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