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Anastrozole from Magnus Pharmaceuticals is an antiestrogen, a class of aromatase inhibitors. With this drug, you can slow down the process of aromatization and reduce the estrogenic properties of some steroids. Athletes decide to buy anastrozole from Magnus Pharmaceuticals for subsequent use directly on anabolic cycles. You can buy this antiestrogen on favorable terms in our Black Side online store.

Main effects of Anastrozole Magnus Pharmaceuticals

It should be said right away that the aromatization process takes place in the male body all the time. It regulates the ratio of endogenous testosterone and estrogen. However, on courses of aromatizing anabolics, aromatization is accelerated. This is due to the fact that some of the administered anabolic-androgenic steroids are converted into female hormones under the influence of the aromatase enzyme. This leads to a sharp increase in the concentration of estrogen. To control the aromatization process, you need to order anastrozole from Magnus Pharmaceuticals.

It is a third generation aromatase inhibitor. Compared to older drugs in its group, it is more effective. In addition, anastrozole is practically devoid of its own side effects. In clinical trials, it was found that the use of this aromatase inhibitor in therapeutic doses can reduce the concentration of female hormones in 10-14 days by 80-90 percent of the initial level.

The mechanism of operation of this medication is quite simple: the active component of the antiestrogen of the same name blocks the aromatase enzyme. As a result, the process of converting testosterone into female hormones slows down. Let's note the main positive effects of an aromatase inhibitor:

  • allows you to control the rate of aromatization,
  • prevents active fluid retention in the body,
  • indirectly increases the level of male hormone,
  • improves muscle tone,
  • is an excellent means of preventing gynecomastia.

As for potential side effects, they are all described in the instructions. Nevertheless, we can say with full confidence that the risks of their development with proper use of the medication are low. This fact is confirmed by numerous reviews of anastrozole. This antiestrogen has been actively used by athletes for several decades. During this time, he has proven himself from the best side, both in terms of efficiency and safety. We also add that the price of anastrozole from the manufacturer Magnus Pharmaceuticals is low.

Directions for use of Anastrozole Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Most often, Anastrozole is used by athletes as a means of preventing estrogen-type side effects, which are inherent in aromatizing anabolic steroid drugs. The regimen for administering anastrozole from Magnus Pharmaceuticals is simple: take 0.5 mg of an aromatase inhibitor every second or third day. Anastrozole is introduced into the course in the second week.

If estrogenic side effects still appear, then the regimen for using this medication should be changed: you should switch to daily pills, increasing the daily dosage to 1 mg.Once the symptoms of gynecomastia have resolved, return to the original aromatase inhibitor regimen. Since this is a powerful drug, it is worth using it on strong anabolic courses. For example, when using testosterone propionate or methandienone solo, you'd better pay attention to Proviron. If the steroids mentioned above are part of combined cycles, then anastrozole will be an excellent choice in this situation.


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