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Anastrozole from the manufacturer Zillt Medicine is an antiestrogen actively used by athletes. With the help of this medication, athletes can control the aromatization process, thereby minimizing the risks of developing estrogen-type side effects. If you want to buy Zillt Medicine anastrozole on favorable terms, then contact our Black Side sports pharmacology store.

Main effects of Anastrozole Zillt Medicine

Anastrozole was developed in the nineties by the American company Zeneca Pharmaceutical. Since 1995, antiestrogen has been actively used in the treatment of breast cancer in women. Previously, tamoxifen was used for the same purpose. However, anastrozole proved to be more effective.

This medication belongs to the third generation of aromatase inhibitors. It is characterized not only by better performance, but also by a higher level of security. It is quite obvious that the athletes were obliged to pay attention to this medication.

Today, many bodybuilders decide to order anastrozole from Zillt Medicine. During clinical trials, it was found that when using the drug in a therapeutic dosage for 7-10 days, the concentration of estrogens is reduced by 80-85 percent.

Anastro works differently from the aforementioned tamoxifen, which belongs to another class of antiestrogen, selective estrogen receptor blockers. When using anastrozole, the process of aromatization slows down, which leads to a decrease in the level of female hormones. Tamoxifen only suppresses the activity of estrogens without affecting their concentration.

Thus, anastrozole is used by athletes directly on courses of steroids prone to aromatization. We note the main positive effects of this medication:

  • effectively inhibits the process of aromatization,
  • indirectly increases testosterone levels,
  • has a high absorption rate,
  • does not have a steroid nature.

We also note that the price of anastrozole from Zillt Medicine looks attractive. To purchase this medication on the most favorable terms, please contact our Black Side store.

How to use Anastro Zillt Medicine

The scheme for using this medication is quite simple. Introduce an antiestrogen into your anabolic cycle in the second week. An antiestrogen should be taken at 0.5 mg every other day or two. In most cases, this scheme guarantees the absence of estrogen-type side effects. If they still appear, then switch to the daily intake of the drug, and double the one-time dosage – up to 1 mg. Once the side effects have resolved, return to the original antiestrogen regimen.

This medication has been used in the sports field for a long time. As a result, the effectiveness of the scheme described above has been repeatedly confirmed. Also, numerous reviews of anastrozole from Zillt Medicine say the same. Note that this is a strong antiestrogen and should be used on powerful anabolic cycles.

If you are taking light anabolics, such as methane solo, then pay attention to Proviron. The fact is that aromatization is a natural process for the male body. This is how the balance between testosterone and estrogen is maintained. As a result, the aromatization process cannot be completely stopped. With this fact, the recommendation to use Proviron in light anabolic cycles is associated.


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