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Winstrol from the company Genopharm is a success with domestic athletes. Its popularity is primarily due to the good effectiveness of the steroid and its fairly high degree of safety. We recommend that you buy Winstrol from Genopharm for drying courses, as well as in order to increase strength and performance.

Main effects of Winstrol Genopharm

As mentioned above, winstrol Genopharm is a relatively safe anabolic-androgenic steroid. As a result, it can be used not only by experienced athletes, but also by beginners. But women should refuse to use Winstrol and choose a tablet version of stanozolol. This is due to the fact that the risks of developing virilization in courses of an injectable steroid drug are higher.

The active ingredient in this drug is stanozolol. This substance is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. Nevertheless, unlike the endogenous hormone, it has one of the lowest rates of androgenic activity – no more than 30 percent. At the same time, stanozolol is a powerful anabolic. Despite this ratio of the main steroid properties, winstrol is not used by athletes for mass gain.

We also draw your attention to the fact that winstrol is not an ether. This medicine contains pure stanozolol diluted in water. Therefore, it has a very short half-life.

Let's note the main properties of anabolic:

  • in combination with strong mass-gathering steroids allows you to gain high-quality mass,
  • significantly increases strength, performance and endurance,
  • is a powerful fat burner
  • effectively blocks the production of catabolic hormones.

Many novice athletes drew attention to the second property of the drug – the ability to increase endurance. Because of this winstrol is often used by representatives of cyclic sports. As for the price of Winstrol from Genopharm, it looks democratic, like all other products of this company.

Winstrol Genopharm solo course rules

The scheme for using injectable stanozolol is not very complex. As mentioned above, Winstrol is a short-acting drug. As a result, you need to take injections daily. The recommended single dosage is in the range of 50-100 mg. The duration of the winstrol Genopharm course in most cases does not exceed 2 months. This is due to the high frequency of injections. After stopping injectable stanozolol, carry out post-cycle therapy.

Features of combining a steroid

To improve performance, you can combine Winstrol with any anabolics. Most often it is testosterone phenylpropionate, trenbolone acetate, masteron, primobolan, oxandrolone, testosterone propionate, turinabol. Also, experienced athletes use it at the final stage of powerful mass-gaining courses in combination with propionate. As a result, they improve the quality of the mass and minimize the rollback effect.

What side effects should athletes be wary of?

Winstrol does not have estrogenic and progestogenic activity. In addition, this drug is one of the weakest androgens. All this suggests that the risks of developing the corresponding side effects are minimal, or not at all. However, it is not a perfect steroid.After studying the reviews, you will find out what some athletes say about the appearance of pain in the joints after the course.

This is due to the active utilization of fluid from the body. We recommend that you combine winstrol with an aromatizing steroid such as propionate. This will avoid joint problems. On the most favorable terms, you can order Winstrol from Genopharm in our online store of sports pharmacology Black Side.


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