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For many years, EPF Winstrol has been one of the most sought after steroids on the sports pharmacology market. This fact is primarily due to the versatility of this steroid. The fact is that with the help of injectable stanozolol, endurance can be significantly increased. It is this task that representatives of cyclic sports pursue, and often decide to order Winstrol from the Moldovan company EPF.

Many other steroids also have this ability, but this effect is secondary for them. As for winstrol, the increase in endurance is one of the main results of the action of the anabolic. We offer our customers to buy Winstrol from the EPF manufacturer on the most favorable terms in our Black Side online store.

Main effects of Winstrol EPF

The active ingredient of this drug is stanozolol. This substance is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. The indicator of androgenic activity is much lower in comparison with the original hormone – 30 percent. At the same time, Stanase is a powerful anabolic. The indicator of the corresponding type of activity is 320 percent.

This combination of basic steroid properties should not mislead you. Now we are talking about the possibility of gaining mass with the help of winstrol. Of course, you can increase the volume of muscles, but for this you will need to combine the reception with strong mass-gathering anabolic-androgenic steroids. In many ways, this is why lifters and weightlifters actively use this steroid. Thanks to its use, they significantly increase their strength indicators, while body weight remains practically unchanged.

Among the many positive effects of the drug, emphasis should be placed on the following:

  • significantly increases the speed of fat burning processes,
  • contributes to the growth of strength, performance and endurance,
  • is a powerful anti-catabolic
  • accelerates the processes of liquid utilization.

In addition, athletes often note that the price of Winstrol from EPF is low. This fact also has a serious impact on the popularity of the drug.

Winstrol EPF Solo Course Rules

Since this is a short-acting drug, you need to do injections every day. Inject 50-100 mg of the drug at a time. The duration of the EPF winstrol course rarely exceeds 6-8 weeks, which is primarily due to the high frequency of injections. In addition, this steroid is used by bodybuilders mainly during the drying period. To get the best possible results, they have to use a low-calorie nutrition program. However, it is impossible to limit the body's access to nutrients for a long time. That is why the above period of steroid use is optimal.

Features of combining a steroid

Winstrol goes well with any anabolic steroids. Athletes most often combine it with primobolan, oxandrolone, turinabol, masteron, testosterone propionate, trenbolone acetate, testosterone phenylpropionate.

What side effects should athletes be wary of?

This anabolic has a high level of safety. After studying winstrol reviews from EPF, you will understand that this is true. Stanozolol does not have estrogenic or progestogenic activity. The androgenicity index of this drug is one of the lowest on the market.It is quite obvious that under such conditions the side effects of the types described above are unlikely or even impossible. Winstrol's only downside is its ability to dry out joints. As a result, the risk of injury increases. To avoid this, it is enough to combine injectable stanase with aromatizing steroid drugs.


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