Turhoged Turinabol EPF | 50 tablets – 10 mg/table


  • Quality muscle growth
  • Increased endurance and strength
  • Increasing the relief of muscles
  • Increasing the hardness of the muscles
  • Minimum rollback
  • No aromatization
  • Description

    Turinabol from the Moldovan company EPF is in high demand in the modern pharmacology market. However, this drug was well received by athletes immediately after its creation and quickly became popular. This anabolic allows you to solve various problems: gain high-quality mass, improve body relief, increase strength and endurance. Much of the popularity of turhoged is due to its versatility. We also note that women can also buy turinabol from EPF to improve athletic performance.

    Main effects of Turinabol EPF

    The active component of this anabolic-androgenic steroid is chlordihydromethyltestsoterone. This substance is derived from testosterone. Like almost all steroids on the modern market. Turinabol was synthesized in the middle of the last century. At the same time, scientists were faced with the task of creating a safer drug in comparison with methandienone. Now we can say for sure that they succeeded.

    Of course, we cannot do without comparing these anabolics. If we compare the molecular structure of methane and turic, we can find a lot in common. However, there are also differences. First of all, we are talking about the lack of turinabol ability to aromatize. This makes it a safer steroid, as athletes on its cycles are guaranteed not to encounter estrogen-type side effects.

    It is thanks to this feature that many novice athletes decide to order Turinabol from EPF for their first course. Of course, the results of using turhoged will be less attractive in comparison with methandienone. This is due to the fact that the body will practically not retain fluid. At the same time, after the completion of the turhoged course from EPF, the rollback effect will be minimal.

    We note the main positive properties of the steroid:

    • allows you to gain high quality mass,
    • increases strength, endurance and performance,
    • improves the relief of the body,
    • enhances muscle venousness.

    Another advantage of this anabolic steroid is the attractive price of turinabol from the EPF manufacturer. It is slightly higher in comparison with methane, since this drug is of higher quality.

    Turhoged EPF solo course rules

    Women during the day should not take more than 20 mg of the drug. For men, the maximum allowed dosage is 80 mg. We recommend limiting the duration of the turhoged EPF course to 8 weeks. After stopping the steroid drug, carry out light post-cycle therapy.

    Features of combining a steroid

    For novice athletes, the effectiveness of solo courses is quite enough. However, it will gradually fall due to the adaptation of the body to the work of turinabol. As a result, they will have to conduct combined courses. Immediately, we note that women should refrain from the combined use of the drug. Experts allow the holding of combined courses only by experienced athletes. At the same time, their choice is limited only to Primobolan.

    But men can use any injectable steroid drugs.The most popular among bodybuilders are bundles with trenbolone acetate, primobolan, testosterone phenylpropionate, drostanolone, testosterone propionate.

    What side effects should athletes be wary of?

    If you study EPF Turinabol reviews, you will understand that this is one of the safest anabolics. However, this statement is true only in relation to those athletes who use sports pharmacology in accordance with the recommendations. If you overdose, you run the risk of experiencing side effects. However, it makes no sense to exceed the recommended doses, since this will not increase the effectiveness of the course.


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