Trenoged E Trenbolone Enanthate EPF | 10 ml/vial – 200 mg/ml



Trenbolone Enanthate from EPF is the most powerful steroid actively used by athletes for mass gain. This drug is recommended only for experienced athletes. Beginners should use light anabolics. If you want to buy trenbolone enanthate from the Moldovan manufacturer EPF as profitably as possible, then contact our Black Side online store.

Main effects of Trenbolone Enanthate EPF

The active component of this steroid is trenbolone enanthate. This substance has a long half-life. As a result, athletes do not need to take frequent injections. The main feature of tren are high levels of anabolic and androgenic activity. This steroid surpasses testosterone in these parameters by 2 and 4 times, respectively.

Consider the main positive effects of the drug:

  • allows you to gain high-quality muscle mass,
  • Significant increase in strength and performance
  • has powerful anti-catabolic properties,
  • is a powerful fat burner.

The price of trenbolone enanthate from EPF can hardly be called low. However, it is fully consistent with the effectiveness of this steroid.

Rules for conducting a solo course Trained E EPF

Due to the high androgenicity, trenbolone is contraindicated in female athletes. The scheme of administration of this drug by men is not very complex. The weekly dosage of the steroid is 20-300 mg. To ensure an even hormonal background, it is enough to make a maximum of 2 injections within seven days. The duration of the trenaged-e course from EPF is in the range of 2-3 months. After stopping the drug, restorative therapy is mandatory.

We recommend using clomiphene citrate during this period. Toremifene has a rather high cost and is not widely used in the sports field. Tamoxifen is not recommended because of the ability of this antiestrogen to activate prolactin receptors.

Features of combining a steroid

Trenbolone cannot be used only in conjunction with nandrolone. Both of these substances have strong progestogenic activity. There are no other restrictions on the choice of bundles. Since this anabolic is a mass-gaining one, athletes prefer to use it in combination with the following anabolic-androgenic steroids: testosterone cypionate, sustanon, anadrol, boldenone, testosterone enanthate.

What side effects should athletes be wary of?

It is quite obvious that the risks of developing side effects are high on courses of powerful anabolic steroids. However, today athletes have effective medications at their disposal, with which you can easily minimize the negative impact of sports pharmacology on health. The best drug for suppressing the progestogenic activity of tren is cabergoline. This remedy almost immediately after its appearance on the market was able to displace bromocreptin from it.

Athletes who use trenbolone in high doses for 12 or more weeks need to introduce gonadotropin into the course. This medication has the ability to stimulate the pituitary axis. Recall that under the influence of trenbolone, the process of endogenous testosterone synthesis slows down quite quickly. With the help of the gonad, you will eliminate this problem.

As for the androgenic negative effects of trenbolone, their manifestation is largely due to the genetics of the bodybuilder's body. It should be remembered that drugs such as finasteride in this situation will be powerless. The fact is that the active component of training is not converted into dihydrotestosterone. We also recommend that you study the reviews of trenbolone enanthate from EPF to get to know this steroid better.


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