Trenbolone Mix SP Labs Trenbolone Mix | 10 ml/vial – 150 mg/ml



Trenbolone mix from SP Labs is one of the most popular anabolics on the modern sports pharmacology market. With it, athletes can gain a large amount of mass and increase strength. We offer you to buy trenbolone mix from the Moldavian company SP Labs on favorable terms in our Black Side online store.

Main Effects of Trenbolone Mix SP Labs

This steroid is a composite. This suggests that it contains several active components at once. Many athletes now probably have an association with sustanon. It was this anabolic-androgenic steroid that became the first composite steroid and is very popular today.

Of course, some analogies between these drugs can be drawn. First of all, we are talking about the ability of the steroid to quickly enter into work, while affecting the body for a long time. This ability of the tren mix is ​​precisely due to the presence of several active components in its composition. All of them are esters of trenbolone, but differ in the half-life.

Many athletes decide to buy a trenbolone mix precisely because of the presence of this feature. After studying the composition of this anabolic, it becomes clear that it has high anabolic and androgenic properties. In this, it surpasses the male hormone, respectively, by 4 and 2 times.

We note the main positive qualities:

  • allows you to gain a large amount of mass of good quality,
  • has strong fat burning properties,
  • increases strength and performance
  • enhances sexual desire,
  • increases motivation.

We also note that it is able to significantly accelerate the production of insulin-like growth factor. This has a positive effect on the rate of weight gain. As for the price of trenbolone mix from SP Labs, it looks attractive against the background of competitors.

Trenbolone Mix SP Labs Solo Course Rules

Due to the long half-life of the drug, you do not have to do frequent injections. To avoid hormonal pits, it is enough to make 2 injections within seven days. The weekly dosage is in the range of 200-400 mg. Most often, athletes take this drug for 2-3 months. After stopping taking trenbolone mix, be sure to carry out restorative therapy.

Features of combining a steroid

To get the maximum possible results from the use of trenbolone, you should conduct combined courses. However, they are only available to experienced athletes. We recommend that you first conduct several solo courses with a mix of trains. Only then can you start combining this AAS. This will allow you to set the body's reaction to it.

The trenbolone mix is ​​used primarily during the period of mass gain. Thus, the best ligaments for him are testosterone enanthate, boldenone, testosterone cypionate, anadrol, sustanon.

What side effects should athletes be wary of?

After carefully studying the reviews of SP Labs Trenbolone Mix, it becomes clear that, despite the high potency, this steroid can be relatively safe. To do this, you must first follow all the recommendations for its use.

Be sure to include cabergoline in the course.This medication reduces the progestogenic activity of the steroid and allows you to control the concentration of prolactin. If the duration of the course exceeds 6 weeks, we strongly recommend taking gonadotropin. This remedy mimics the work of gonadotropic hormones. As a result, it is able to support the synthesis of endogenous male hormone.


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