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The steroid testosterone propionate from Swiss Remedies is of good quality and is in high demand on the market. Its manufacturer is Swiss Remedis. It is very popular among athletes due to its excellent performance, as well as a relatively high level of safety. We recommend buying Swiss Remedies testosterone propionate to increase strength, improve body definition, and also to gain quality mass.

Main Effects of Testosterone Propionate Swiss Remedies

The active component of this anabolic-androgenic steroid is the shortest mono ester of a synthetic male hormone. After administration, it acts on the body for a maximum of 48 hours. Propionate is similar to endogenous testosterone in almost everything. These substances differ only in the half-life. Thus, propionate is a strong anabolic and androgen.

In this case, a short half-life has a certain effect on the properties of the drug. First of all, we are talking about a higher level of safety of Propik in comparison with testosterone-containing AAS of prolonged action. Thanks to this, athletes of different levels of training can order testosterone propionate from Swiss Remedies.

Let's note the main properties of this steroid:

  • provides a rapid increase in dry weight,
  • enhances sexual desire,
  • improves the relief of the body,
  • stimulates the reduction of adipose tissues,
  • increases physical parameters.

Many athletes are attracted by the relatively low price of Swiss Remedies testosterone propionate. This is an anabolic available to a wide range of athletes.Also, numerous reviews of testosterone propionate Swiss Remedies speak of the high effectiveness of this drug.

Rules for the solo course Testosterone Propionate Swiss Remedies

Due to the short half-life, it is necessary to inject every other day. However, the high frequency of injections does not deter athletes at all. This fact eloquently confirms the number of sales of this steroid drug to our customers. A single dose of anabolic is 100-200 mg. In amateur bodybuilding, most athletes use this steroid in a minimal amount. This allows them to get excellent results and minimize the risk of side effects. The duration of courses involving propionate rarely exceeds 6-8 weeks. After stopping the drug, carry out post-cycle therapy. Take 20 mg of tamoxifen or 50 mg of clomiphene citrate daily for 2-3 weeks.

Features of the combination of the drug

Propionate is great for combined courses. It is this administration scheme that all experienced athletes use. Given the properties of this anabolic, the optimal bundles for it are winstrol, trenbolone acetate, stanozolol, anavar, masteron, primobolan, turinabol.

What side effects should athletes be wary of?

As mentioned above, testosterone propionate has a high level of safety. With proper use of this steroid, athletes rarely experience negative effects. Due to the short half-life, propik is not able to show all its estrogenic activity. As a result, the risks of developing side effects are relatively low. The situation is similar with androgenic negative effects. It also has no progestogenic activity. Unlike prolonged testosterone-containing anabolic steroids, propionate weakly suppresses the efficiency of the HH axis.


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