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Testosterone propionate from Cygnus Pharmaceuticals is without a doubt one of the most popular steroids. This fact can be explained by the universality of propionate. If you decide to order testosterone propionate from the manufacturer Cygnus Pharmaceuticals, you will be able to gain quality mass, improve body relief, and also increase strength. All these tasks are set by bodybuilders. The price of testosterone propionate from Cygnus Pharmaceuticals looks attractive.

Main Effects of Testosterone Propionate Cygnus Pharmaceuticals

Testosterone propionate from Cygnus Pharmaceuticals is in high demand in the market. The active component of this anabolic-androgenic steroid is the shortest ester of the male hormone. Once injected, the steroid works for a maximum of 48 hours. This fact will indicate the need for frequent injections. On the other hand, the short half-life of the drug does not allow it to show all its negative effects. In addition, athletes do not have to wait long for the first results from the use of anabolic.

We note the main positive effects of the steroid:

  • allows you to gain high-quality mass,
  • stimulates the processes of lipolysis,
  • improves the relief of the body,
  • increases strength and performance
  • accelerates the recovery of the body after hard training.

It is thanks to these properties that athletes decide to buy testosterone propionate from the pharmaceutical company Cygnus Pharmaceuticals. You can make it profitable for yourself in our Black Side online store.

Rules for the solo course Testosterone Propionate Cygnus Pharmaceuticals

It is necessary to inject a steroid every second day. The single dosage is 100-200 mg. The duration of the testosterone propionate Cygnus Pharmaceuticals course rarely exceeds 1.5-2 months. In this case, the steroid can be used for a longer time period. Due to the high frequency of injections, athletes rarely do long courses with propionate. After stopping the drug, after 2-4 days, start restorative therapy. Within 3-4 weeks, take 20 mg of Tamox or 50 mg of Clomid.

Features of combining a steroid

Propionate can be used in conjunction with any anabolic steroid. Since it is used by athletes mainly during the period of work on relief, the most popular are bundles with primobolan, oxandrolone, trenbolone acetate, turinabol, drostanolone.

What side effects should athletes be wary of?

Numerous reviews of athletes about testosterone propionate Cygnus Pharmaceuticals indicate the high safety of this anabolic. There are still risks of side effects when using it. The use of propionate in large doses can lead to the development of estrogenic negative effects. To prevent this from happening, use aromatase inhibitors.

Testosterone propionate, due to its short half-life, does not so actively suppress the performance of the pituitary axis in comparison with testosterone-containing long-acting steroids. Due to this, there is no need to use gonadotropin.

As for the negative effects of the androgenic type, they are very rare. Most often this happens during an overdose.If all recommendations for the use of anabolic are followed, then the risks of developing side effects of all types are low. If you are experiencing androgenic negative effects, then start taking finasteride. This medication is able to slow down the process of converting the male hormone into dihydrotestosterone. It is this substance that causes negative androgenic effects in the body of men.


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