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Testosterone Cypionate Balkan Pharmaceuticals enjoys well-deserved popularity among athletes. This is a strong mass-gathering steroid, which also allows you to significantly increase strength and performance. Due to these properties, it is well demanded in the market. Let us draw your attention to the fact that athletes of different levels of training can buy testosterone cypionate from Balkan Pharma.

Main Effects of Testosterone Cypionate Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Testosterone cypionate was first synthesized in the middle of the 20th century. Moreover, he appeared on the market after another prolonged ester of the male hormone – Enanthate. It is quite obvious that the athletes fell in love with enka and for a long time did not want to actively use the tsipik. However, today the situation has changed. Athletes gladly decide to order Testosterona C Balkan Pharmaceuticals.

This is due to the fact that both steroids are interchangeable. You can equally well take any of them. We note the main positive effects of tsipik:

  • has a strong anti-catabolic effect,
  • effectively stimulates the processes of hypertrophy of muscle fibers,
  • improves the performance of all elements of the articular-ligamentous apparatus,
  • increased power potential and performance,
  • helps the body recover faster after a hard workout.

We also note that athletes can achieve a powerful pumping effect on tsipik courses. As for the price of Testosterone Cypionate from the Balkans, it is fully justified by the effectiveness of the steroid.

Rules for the solo course Testosterona C Balkan Pharmaceuticals

The scheme of administration of Testosterona C Balkan Pharmaceuticals is not very complex. Athletes need to do a maximum of two injections within seven days. In this case, the weekly dosage of the drug is 250-750 mg. The duration of the course is in the range of 2-3 months.

This time period is quite enough to get excellent results. We strongly recommend that amateur athletes do not exceed these values. When the cypic is cancelled, you need to have a restorative therapy. For 3-4 weeks, take 50 mg of Clomid or 20 mg of Tamoxifen daily.

Features of combining a steroid

Combined courses are conducted by experienced athletes to increase the effectiveness of the anabolic course. It will be quite enough for beginner athletes to use this AAS solo. Since Cypic is a mass-gaining AAS, then it should be combined with similar drugs: Parabolan, Deca, Methandienone, Anadrol, Boldenone, Trenbolone Enanthate.

What side effects should athletes be wary of?

If you carefully study the reviews of athletes who took the drug Testosterone Cypionate Balkan, then we can conclude that this steroid is quite safe. However, it is not worth completely excluding the possibility of side effects when using a cypic. Most often, athletes are concerned about estrogenic negative effects. To combat them, use aromatase inhibitors.

Testosterona C is a strong androgen. However, side effects of this type are relatively rare. If you still encountered them, then start taking Finasteride.Another serious problem can be a slowdown in the secretion of endogenous testosterone. This is possible on powerful courses of tsipik, lasting over 3 months. This problem is eliminated with the help of Gonadotropin preparations, which you can order on our website.


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