Test C Testosterone Cypionate Magnus Pharmaceuticals | 10 ml/vial – 250 mg/ml



Testosterone Cypionate from Magnus Pharmaceuticals is without a doubt one of the most sought after steroids. This drug has been actively used in the sports field for several decades. Bodybuilders decide to buy testosterone cypionate from the manufacturer Magnus Pharmaceuticals for subsequent use in the mass-gaining period.

This steroid is not only characterized by excellent performance, but can also be considered safe. It is quite obvious that this statement is true only in relation to well-designed courses. For many bodybuilding enthusiasts, the cost of sports pharmacology is important. We are sure that many athletes will like our price for testosterone cypionate from Magnus Pharmaceuticals. Compared to competitors, it looks attractive.

Main Effects Testosterone Cypionate Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Testosterone cypionate was created in the middle of the last century. In those days, scientists were actively working on the creation of new steroids. By the time cypionate entered the market, it already had a strong competitor – enanthate. This is the second long-acting testosterone mono ester. Having appeared on the market first, enka immediately became very popular among bodybuilders.

As a result, it took a long time for cypionate to be able to compete with enanthate on an equal footing. Today, the popularity of these drugs is about the same. What's more, they are interchangeable and you can use any of them for the task at hand.

Cypionate is a strong anabolic and androgen.The indicators of the corresponding types of activity are 100 percent each. We note the positive qualities of this drug:

  • actively used in the mass-gaining period and allows you to get excellent results,
  • affects the body for a long time,
  • well accepted by the body
  • increases strength and performance
  • eliminates pain in the joints,
  • effectively suppresses the activity of catabolic hormones.

Rules for conducting a solo course Test C Magnus Pharmaceuticals

We note right away that only men can order testosterone cypionate from Magnus Pharmaceuticals. The weekly dose of anabolic is in the range of 250-750 mg. Due to the long half-life, you can ensure a smooth hormonal background with only two injections within seven days. The duration of the course is most often 2-3 months. The command of rehabilitation therapy after stopping the anabolic is mandatory.

Features of combining a steroid

If you notice that the effectiveness of solo cycles with cypionate is starting to decline, then it's time to combine anabolic steroid drugs. Sustanon is compatible with any drugs. Bodybuilders prefer to take it together with parabolan, boldenone, anadrol, trenbolone enanthate.

What side effects should athletes be wary of?

We have already noted that test c from Magnus Pharmaceuticals is considered a fairly safe steroid. When using it, side effects may occur, but most often the cause of their development is the mistakes made by bodybuilders. The most common side effects are estrogenic. However, they are very easy to deal with – use aromatase inhibitors.

On powerful courses lasting from 12 weeks, the activity of the pituitary axis is significantly reduced. This can lead to serious health problems. To avoid them, add gonadotropin to the course. Novice athletes should study testosterone cypionate reviews from Magnus Pharmaceuticals. You can find them online without any problems.


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