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Synthol is the most talked about drug in bodybuilding. With it, you can not improve strength or gain quality mass. Professional athletes use Golden Dragon synthol in preparation for tournaments. Moreover, this use is of a point nature – they inject oil into muscles that are lagging behind in growth. This creates the impression of a harmonious development of the muscles.

Main effects of Synthol Golden Dragon

Until the mid-nineties, escyclen was widely used among professional bodybuilders. This drug was administered 10 days before the start of the tournament in lagging small muscle groups. The result was a great visual effect. The drug was disposed of within a maximum of 7 days. At the same time, athletes often experienced severe pain and spasms in the muscles where escyclen was located.

Chris Clark managed to fix this problem. It is this person who is the creator of synthol. The author claims that his preparation is 85 percent fatty acids. The remaining 15 percent is equally divided between the solvent (benzyl alcohol) and lidocaine.

This drug is often referred to as cosmetic oil. This is done so that it can be transported through customs. Many athletes are familiar with the situation when some muscles do not want to increase in size. Whatever the bodybuilder does, he cannot change this situation.

Gradually, the lag of this muscle group becomes more and more obvious, and it is extremely difficult to qualify for high places in tournaments in such a situation. It is at this moment that athletes decide to buy synthol from the Golden Dragon manufacturer.After the introduction of the drug, the fatty acids (oil) contained in it are evenly distributed between the muscle fibers. As a result, the tissue is stretched, and the volume of the muscle increases.

It is quite obvious that at the same time as synthol, the athlete must continue to actively train and use sports pharmacology. Gradually, the oil is utilized, but the free space remaining between the fibers does not disappear, but is filled with new cells. Experienced athletes claim that one course of synthol from Golden Dragon, the price of which looks attractive in our store, is able to increase the volume of the target muscle group by 3-6 cm.

There is an opinion that almost all professional bodybuilders use this drug at least once in their career. However, its use at the amateur level is difficult. The fact is that when administering the drug, it is necessary to have a good understanding of human anatomy. If, at the time of injection, the needle accidentally touches a blood vessel or nerve, then serious problems can be encountered.

How to use Synthol Golden Dragon

If you decide to order synthol from Golden Dragon, then use it strictly according to the scheme below:

  • during the first 10 days, the drug is injected daily into the target muscle in 1 ml,
  • over the next 10 days, a similar scheme is applied, but the one-time dosage increases to 2 ml,
  • then every day 3 ml is injected until the muscle size increases,
  • the remaining month of the course, the drug is used twice a week, 1 ml.

The drug must be injected very deep into the muscle tissue so as not to disturb the natural shape of the muscle group.After the introduction of the oil, the injection site should be massaged for a long time and thoroughly. Also note that doing injections on your own is not the best solution. It is better to seek help from a professional health worker. If necessary, the Golden Dragon synthol course can be repeated after a pause. However, in most cases, one application of oil is enough. We recommend that you first study the Golden Dragon synthol reviews and consult with a specialist, and only then start using this drug.


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