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The production of high-quality drugs is impossible without the use of innovative technologies and modern technological equipment. That is why athletes prefer to purchase products of well-known pharmacological companies. One of them is Swiss Remedis.

Today we take a closer look at one of her most popular products, Sustanon Swiss Remedies. This is a mass-gathering steroid that stands out from the competition. Below you will get acquainted with the features of this drug and its main properties. In the meantime, we note that you can buy Sustanon from the manufacturer Swiss Remedies on favorable terms in our online store of sports pharmacology Black Side.

Main effects of Sustanon Swiss Remedies

Sustanon is a composite steroid. Simply put, it contains several active components at once. All of them are testosterone esters, but have different half-lives. Thanks to this, sustanon begins to work almost immediately after the injection. At the same time, this steroid preparation has not lost its ability to have a strong effect on the body for a long time. It is thanks to the combination of a high rate of performance and a prolonged action of anabolic that many athletes decide to order Sustanon from Swiss Remedies.

Since it is based on testosterone esters, in almost all main indicators this drug is similar to the endogenous male hormone. The main difference between them is only the higher half-life of sustanon. As for the combination of the main steroid properties of the drug, they are 100 percent each.

Let's single out those qualities of anabolic that are of the utmost importance for athletes:

  • provides rapid weight gain,
  • on the course, power parameters increase significantly,
  • improves the quality of respiration and nutrition of cellular structures of all body tissues,
  • enhances sexual desire,
  • eliminates pain in the joints.

We also draw your attention to the fact that the price of Sustanon Swiss Remedies looks democratic.

Sustanon Swiss Remedies solo course rules

The weekly dosage of the drug is in the range of 250-750 mg. Due to the long half-life of the active ingredients, two injections are enough for seven days. The duration of the courses in most cases is 8-12 weeks. After stopping the anabolic, it is necessary to carry out restorative therapy.

Features of combining a steroid

Sustanon is often used by athletes for combined cycles. Having studied the reviews of Sustanon from Swiss Remedies, you can easily compile a list of the most popular bundles. Let's say right away that it includes powerful mass-gathering anabolic drugs: trenbolone enanthate, oxymetholone, boldenone, parabolan.

What side effects should athletes be wary of?

Sustanon is a strong steroid, which indicates a fairly high risk of side effects in its courses. At the same time, in the pharmacological arsenal of athletes, there are medications that can eliminate almost all the shortcomings of sustanon. First of all, we are talking about aromatase inhibitors.

These medications are designed to eliminate the estrogenic activity of AAS. If the duration of your cycle exceeds 12 weeks, and you are using doses close to the maximum, then you will have to purchase gonadotropin. With the help of this medication, it is possible to stimulate the work of the HH axis. As a result, the secretion of endogenous testosterone will not be suppressed.


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