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Today it is difficult to imagine high achievements in sports without competent pharmacological support. Representatives of almost all sports resort to taking various drugs. Some of these tools can directly affect the improvement of athletic performance. At the same time, others perform a protective function and minimize the risks of side effects.

Gonadotropin from SP Labs belongs to the second group. This medication is used by athletes to stimulate the performance of the pituitary axis. At the same time, experienced athletes should buy gonadotropin from the manufacturer SP Labs when conducting powerful anabolic cycles.

Main Effects of Gonadotropin SP Labs

This drug is based on a natural hormone. It is synthesized in the female body during pregnancy. The full name of this substance is human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). It is utilized by the kidneys. After that, the gonad is cleaned and packaged in vials.

The molecular structure of gonadotropin is in many ways similar to the hormones of the gonadotropic group: follicle-stimulating and luteinizing. These substances in the male body regulate the production of endogenous testosterone. Every athlete should remember that steroids can negatively affect the functioning of the HH axis.

The strength of this effect depends on the specific steroid drug, as well as its dosages. For example, trenbolone, even when used in minimal doses, can significantly slow down the process of endogenous testosterone production, while oxandrolone, even in maximum quantities, has very little effect on these reactions.That is why experienced athletes can order gonadotropin from the Moldovan company SP Labs.

This drug produces many positive effects on the body. We will now consider only those of them that are of the utmost importance for athletes:

  • accelerate the secretion of endogenous testosterone,
  • improves the quality of seminal fluid,
  • stimulated spermatogenesis reactions,
  • the development of primary and secondary signs of a man is accelerated.

Our price for SP Labs gonadotropin looks as democratic as possible compared to competitors. With proper use of this medication, the risks of side effects are minimal. However, the risks of their development should not be completely ruled out. Most often, in violation of the rules for the use of the drug, athletes are faced with:

  • acne,
  • symptoms of gynecomastia,
  • baldness,
  • disruption of the pituitary arch.

It is worth saying a few words about the last point separately. In sports, sp original gonadotropin is used just to speed up the production of endogenous testosterone. However, if you exceed the recommended dosages, you will get an effect that is exactly the opposite of what you expected.

Rules for Administering SP Gonadotropin SP Labs

On the Internet, you can easily find reviews of gonadotropin from SP Labs. In them, athletes primarily note the excellent effectiveness of this medication and its high level of safety. In order for the use of gonadotropin to be as effective and safe as possible, you need to follow a few simple rules when using it.

Take this remedy only on powerful anabolic cycles. This drug is used in short courses lasting 21 days. Within seven days you need to do three injections. The weekly dosage is 1000-2000 units. We strongly recommend that you do not exceed these dosages. This step will not allow you to increase the effectiveness of the course, but will only make the risks of developing side effects higher.


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