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Boldenone from the Moldovan company SP Labs is an excellent mass-gathering drug with a high level of safety. Some novice athletes still believe that the concept of "light steroid" is synonymous with low-performance. However, it is not. If you decide to buy boldenone from SP Labs, then after the first course you will be convinced of its excellent performance. Note that you can purchase sports pharmacology on favorable terms in our Black Side online store.

Main effects Boldenone SP Labs

Most athletes prefer to order SP Labs boldenone for mass-building courses. Moreover, this anabolic-androgenic steroid can also be used during the drying period. Below we will talk about this in more detail. The active component of the steroid is boldenone undecylenate. This substance is a derivative of testosterone and has a long half-life.

Professional athletes and specialists in the field of sports pharmacology often compare boldenone with methane. This is due to the great similarity of the molecules of these drugs. At the same time, it should be remembered that certain changes were made to the molecular structure of the bold. As a result, the properties of boldenone and methandienone are different. Let's start with the fact that Bold aromatizes extremely poorly. This has a positive effect on the safety level of the steroid.

In addition, it is a non-alkylated steroid drug. Simply put, it is not able to overload the liver. In terms of anabolic activity, methane is a more powerful anabolic. At the same time, the androgenicity of these steroids is the same and amounts to 50 percent.

We note the main positive qualities:

  • allows you to gain a large amount of quality mass,
  • after the completion of the course, the rollback effect is minimal,
  • has strong fat burning properties,
  • actively suppresses catabolic processes,
  • enhances appetite.

The latter properties are inherent in all steroids. At the same time, they are all inferior to the bold in this. It is because of the significant increase in appetite that athletes prefer to use this anabolic during the period of mass gain. If, with a strong appetite, you can adhere to all the necessary restrictions when compiling a diet, then you can use it during the drying period. We also note that the price of boldenone from SP Labs looks attractive.

Rules for conducting a solo course SP Equipoise SP Labs

The weekly dosage of the drug is in the range of 200-600 mg. Experienced athletes can use up to 800 mg in a similar time period. The duration of the course is 10-12 weeks. This steroid is not recommended for women. However, experienced athletes still use sp equipoise from SP Labs. Note that women should not take more than 100 mg per week.

Features of combining a steroid

If you notice that the solo courses sp equipoise SP Labs have ceased to be as effective as before, then start combining AAS. When choosing bundles, you have no restrictions. If the drug was purchased for a mass-gaining course, then testosterone enanthate, parabolan, trenbolone enanthate, testosterone cypionate, anadrol will be an excellent choice.

What side effects should athletes be wary of?

The risks of side effects with proper use of this anabolic are extremely low. This is evidenced by numerous reviews of boldenone from SP Labs.This drug does not have progestogenic activity. Boldenone practically does not aromatize and is a moderate androgen. Thanks to this, you are guaranteed not to encounter negative effects if you strictly follow all the requirements of the instructions.


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