SP Cypionate Testosterone Cypionate SP Labs | 10 ml/vial – 200 mg/ml



Testosterone Cypionate from SP Labs is a new generation pharmaceutical product that combines high anabolic and androgenic activity. Due to a certain molecular structure, this drug is able to produce a prolonged effect on the body. We recommend that you buy testosterone cypionate from SP Labs for mass-building courses. It is in solving this problem that this steroid is able to show all its best properties.

Main Effects of Testosterone Cypionate SP Labs

Testosterone-containing steroids have always been very popular among athletes. This is due to the fact that the body perceives them well and you can not be afraid of unpleasant surprises. In addition, anabolics based on synthetic male hormones have good performance. Do not forget about the attractive price of testosterone cypionate from the Moldovan manufacturer SP Labs. This fact also has a significant impact on the popularity of the steroid.

The active component of this anabolic-androgenic steroid differs only in the half-life. This suggests that cypionate is a strong anabolic and androgen. The indicators of these types of activity are 100 percent. This drug is not without a tendency to aromatize. We note the main positive qualities of the steroid:

  • rapid weight gain
  • increase in strength and performance,
  • suppression of catabolic processes,
  • elimination of pain in the joints,
  • increasing the motivation of the athlete,
  • increased sexual desire.

Numerous testosterone cypionate reviews from SP Labs confirm the high performance of this anabolic drug. At the same time, athletes often talk about its high quality. If you want to order testosterone cypionate from SP Labs on favorable terms, then contact our online sports pharmacology store Black Side.

Rules for conducting a solo course SP Cypionate SP Labs

Due to the long half-life of the steroid, athletes are relieved of the need to make frequent injections during its courses. To maintain an even hormonal background, it is enough to put 2 injections within seven days. The weekly dose is in the range of 250-1000 mg. At the same time, in amateur sports, this AAS is rarely used in an amount of more than 500-750 mg. We recommend limiting the duration of the course to 10-12 weeks. After stopping the anabolic, it is mandatory to carry out post-cycle therapy.

Features of combining a steroid

Sp cypionate from SP Labs is great for combined courses. There are no restrictions when choosing links. Since it is a strong mass-gaining steroid, it is most often used in conjunction with anabolic drugs: parabolan, trenbolone enanthate, methane, anadrol, boldenone.

What side effects should athletes be wary of?

With proper use, the risks of side effects are low. However, the risk of their manifestation cannot be completely excluded. Many athletes experience the negative effects of the estrogen type. Their appearance is due to the fact that this drug has the ability to aromatize.

As a result of interaction with the aromatase enzyme, testosterone is converted into female hormones. To control your estrogen levels, you need to use aromatase inhibitors.Testosterone cypionate is able to suppress the HH axis. As a result, the rate of endogenous testosterone production decreases. This can lead to serious consequences. Since there is gonadotropin in the pharmacological arsenal of athletes, these problems can be avoided. Introduce this medication as part of powerful courses lasting from 12 weeks.


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