SP Clenbuterol Clenbuterol SP Labs | 100 tab – 40 mg / tab


  • Fat burning effect
  • Anti-catabolic effect
  • High absorption
  • Fast Activity
  • Non-steroid drug
  • Slight anabolic effect
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    Clenbuterol from SP Labs is a popular drug from a well-known Moldovan company. Without a doubt, clen is the most popular fat burner. The success of this drug is largely due to its excellent efficacy. Today, not only athletes decide to buy SP Labs clenbuterol. With the help of this drug, many representatives of show business maintain their physical shape. You can buy sp clenbuterol on favorable terms in our Black Side online store. We are sure that our price for clenbuterol from SP Labs will appeal to a wide range of athletes.

    Main Effects of Clenbuterol SP Labs

    The active ingredient of the drug was developed for use in traditional medicine. Today, clenbuterol continues to be used to treat asthma. At the same time, he also has a high popularity in the sports field. This is due primarily to the presence of high fat-burning activity in this medication.

    The active ingredient activates beta-2 type adrenoreceptors. They are located in all tissues of the body, including adipose tissues. After the activation of these receptors, the body starts the processes of lipolysis. It should be noted that clenbuterol produces a versatile effect on the body.

    We note the main positive qualities of the drug:

    • stimulates the reduction of adipose tissue,
    • has catabolic properties
    • stimulates the nervous system,
    • speeds up metabolism,
    • enhances body heat production,
    • improves muscle definition.

    Thus, we recommend ordering Clenbuterol from SP Labs for a strong cutting course.

    SP Clenbuterol Solo Course Rules SP Labs

    Since the half-life of the active ingredient is short, the tablets should be taken every day. The daily dosage depends on the gender of the athletes:

    • for women, the maximum dose is 80-100 mcg,
    • men can take up to 120 mcg during the day.

    Start each course with a minimum dosage of 20 mcg. Then gradually increase it to the required. When the daily dose reaches 40-60 mcg, it should be divided into two doses. Moreover, the second time the tablets should be consumed before 18 hours. Otherwise, sleep problems may occur. The duration of the solo course should be limited to two weeks.

    This is due to the fact that clen quickly suppresses the activity of receptors. As a result, the effectiveness of the course quickly decreases, and the risks of side effects increase. If you study the numerous reviews of clenbuterol from SP Labs, you will know that clen courses with ketotifen are very popular among athletes. This medication is not able to directly affect the growth of athletic performance. However, it has two important qualities:

    • minimizes the risk of side effects,
    • stimulates the work of beta-2 adrenoreceptors.

    The scheme of administration of the course of clenbuterol and ketotifen is similar to that described above: start with the minimum dose, gradually increasing it. At the final stage of the course, the dosage should be systematically reduced until the complete cessation of taking the fat burner. Also, athletes often use sp clenbuterol from the manufacturer SP Labs in combination with other drugs. Most often, they choose yohimbine and thyroid hormones as bundles.

    Due to the anti-catabolic properties of the drug, athletes often use it during post-cycle therapy. As a result, they minimize weight loss caused by the activation of catabolic processes. The main use of maple in sports is drying. It is here that this drug shows all its best qualities.


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