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On this page you can order Primobolan from Malay Tiger. This drug is in high demand among athletes. In the sports field, it is used to gain high-quality mass, as well as to conduct effective drying courses. If you want to buy Primobolan on favorable terms from the well-known manufacturer of sports pharmacology Malay Tiger, then contact our Black Side online store.

Main effects of Primobolan Malay Tiger

This drug can be used by athletes of any level of training, regardless of gender. Often, novice athletes choose to take it for their first anabolic course with the participation of injectable anabolic-androgenic steroids. This is due to the mild effect of the drug on the body. In addition, the price of Primobolan from Malay Tiger is affordable for a wide range of athletes.

It is based on methenolone enanthate. This substance is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone and has a long half-life. Unlike the parent hormone, methenolone has moderate androgenic activity. This figure is 44 percent. The situation is similar with anabolic activity – it is moderate. At the same time, in the digital degeneration Primobolan is a stronger anabolic – 88 percent.

We note the main positive qualities of the drug:

  • stimulates the processes of hypertrophy of muscle tissue cells without active fluid retention in the body,
  • increases strength, performance and endurance,
  • has strong fat burning properties,
  • effectively suppresses catabolic reactions in the body.

On the Internet, you can easily find reviews of Primobolan from Malay Tiger.In them, athletes primarily note the good performance of the drug and its high level of safety.

Rules for the solo course Primabol-100 Malay Tiger

To ensure an even hormonal background, it is enough for you to put only two injections within seven days. The weekly dose of the steroid is 200-600 mg for men and 50-100 mg for women. The duration of the course of primabol-100 Malay Tiger can be up to 12 weeks. After stopping the steroid, we recommend that you carry out a light post-cycle therapy.

Features of combining a steroid

Methenolone enanthate is the only injectable steroid that women can use relatively safely in combination with other anabolics. At the same time, the choice of ligaments for them is limited to oxandrolone and turinabol. Men have the opportunity to use any anabolics. More often than not, they choose testosterone propionate, winstrol, turinabol, masteron, testosterone phenylpropionate, trenbolone acetate.

What side effects should athletes be wary of?

Although primabol-100 is one of the safest anabolics on the market, you need to use it exactly as directed. Numerous reviews about this drug indicate minimal risks of side effects, but they are possible with an overdose.

At the same time, you are guaranteed not to experience the negative effects of the progestogen type, since Primobolan is not a progestogen. The risks of androgenic side effects are also low, since it is a moderate androgen.

Methenolone aromatizes extremely poorly. Due to this, athletes practically do not face a sharp increase in the concentration of estrogen on the course. Potent AAS are able to quickly suppress the activity of the pituitary axis.The result of this effect on the body is a significant slowdown in the synthesis of endogenous male hormone. Since Primobolan is not one of these steroid drugs, you will not need gonadotropin.


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