Methenolone Enanthate Primobolan ZPHC | 10 ml/vial – 100 mg/ml



The Chinese company Zhenzhoy is well known to domestic bodybuilders. All its products are of good quality and affordable price. Today we will talk about one of her drugs – Primobolan ZPHC. This steroid is one of the safest. This is evidenced by the fact that women can buy Primobolan from ZPHC to improve athletic performance. Also, with the help of Primobolan, beginner athletes can get excellent results.

Main effects of Primobolan ZPHC

Methenolone enanthate is the active component of this steroid. This substance is derived from dihydrotestosterone. Due to its nature of origin, prima is not prone to aromatization. More precisely, this process takes place on the course, but at a very insignificant pace. At the same time, methenolone is a moderate androgen (44 percent). Recall that dihydrotestosterone has the most powerful androgenic activity in the human body. As for the anabolic properties, they are also characterized as moderate – 88 percent.

We note the main effects due to which athletes decide to order Primobolan ZPHC:

  • stimulates the growth of muscle fibers without active water retention in the body,
  • has strong fat burning properties,
  • improves the relief of the body,
  • does not aromatize.

Many athletes like the affordable price of Primobolan ZPHC. This is another factor that has a serious impact on the popularity of the drug.

Rules for the solo course Methenolone Enanthate ZPHC

Women during the week should not take more than 50-100 mg of Primobolan. For men, the range of allowed dosages is much wider – 400-800 mg.The duration of the course is 2-3 months. Since this is a long-acting steroid, it is enough for you to make a maximum of 2 injections within seven days to ensure an even hormonal background. After discontinuation of the drug, light post-course therapy is carried out.

Features of combining a steroid

Methenolone enanthate ZPHC can be used by women to improve athletic performance, not only solo, but also in combination with other anabolic steroids. More precisely with another – oxandrolone. It is this bundle of anabolics that is as safe as possible for the female body. Also, experienced athletes can take prima together with turinabol or stanozolol.

For men, when compiling combined courses, you can use any anabolic-androgenic steroids. Primobolan goes well with tablets and injectables. Most often it is used during the drying period. This fact is confirmed by numerous reviews of Primobolan from ZPHC. After studying them, you can easily make a list of the most popular bundles: winstrol, testosterone phenylpropionate, trenbolone acetate, stanozolol, turinabol, oxandrolone, testosterone propionate.

What side effects should athletes be wary of?

Today, no one has any doubts about the high safety of this anabolic. Methenolone has no progestogenic activity, and practically does not aromatize. Thanks to this, you are guaranteed not to experience active fluid retention in the body and the symptoms of gynecomastia.

Primobolan is a moderate androgen. In the long history of use in sports and traditional medicine, androgenic side effects have almost never occurred. This is possible only if the recommendations for the use of the drug are violated. Primobolan also has a slight negative effect on the work of the HH axis.


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