Mastirox E Masteron Enanthate Cipla | 10 ml – 200 mg/ml


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Masteron enanthate from the pharmaceutical company Cipla is a popular steroid in demand in strength sports. The main purpose of using this drug is to improve the relief of the body, increase strength and performance. You can buy Masteron Enanthate from Cipla inexpensively in our Black Side online store.

Main effects of Masteron Enanthate Cipla

The active component of the steroid is drostanolone enanthate. It is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. Masteron received a high androgenicity index from the original hormone. In this case, the steroid is a moderate anabolic. From the point of view of the ratio of the main steroid properties, drostanolone can be considered a unique drug. Recall that all other anabolic-androgenic steroids have a higher anabolic activity in comparison with androgenic.

Among the positive effects of the steroid can be noted:

  • has strong fat burning properties,
  • power parameters increase,
  • working capacity increases
  • body relief improves,
  • increased muscle density.

Deciding to order Masteron Enanthate from the Cipla manufacturer, you can conduct an excellent drying course and get rid of excess fat reserves in a short time. In addition, this anabolic steroid is actively used by lifters and weightlifters. With the help of this steroid, representatives of these sports significantly increase strength without gaining mass. We also note that the price of Masteron Enanthate from Cipla is fully consistent with the effectiveness of the drug.

Rules for the solo course Mastirox E Cipla

This drug has a long half-life.Thanks to this, you do not need to do frequent injections. To guarantee an even hormonal background, it is enough for you to inject a steroid for a maximum of 2 times for seven days. The weekly dosage of the drug is 200-600 mg. The duration of the mastirox e Cipla course rarely exceeds 1.5-2 months.

You can use it for up to three months without a significant increase in the risk of side effects. Note that women are strictly prohibited from using Masteron. This is due to the presence of high androgenic activity in this drug. After stopping the use of drostanolone, it is necessary to carry out post-course therapy.

Features of combining a steroid

Experienced athletes use Masteron for combined courses. Thanks to this, they have the opportunity to increase the effectiveness of the use of pharmacology, while keeping the risks of developing negative effects quite safe. The most popular are bundles with testosterone propionate, stanozolol, turinabol, primobolan, testosterone phenylpropionate, trenbolone acetate, winstrol.

What side effects should athletes be wary of?

Masteron is a rather dangerous drug for women. But the male body tolerates it in most cases well. Even a high androgenicity rarely leads to the manifestation of relevant side effects. Mastirox e has no progestogenic properties and is not prone to aromatization. As a result, athletes may not fear the negative effects of these types.

Drostanolone does not actively suppress the performance of the pituitary axis. Most courses involving this steroid drug last less than three months.In such a situation, you can not be afraid of problems with the production of endogenous male hormone. All this indicates a high degree of safety of this steroid. This fact is also confirmed by the numerous reviews of athletes about Masteron Enanthate from Cipla. You can find them on any profile forum.


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