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Masteron enanthate from the manufacturer Genopharm is a fairly popular steroid among athletes. It is used during the drying period. With its help, you can significantly increase strength and performance. We offer you to buy Masteron Enanthate from Genopharm on favorable terms in our online store of sports pharmacology Black Side.

Main effects of Masteron Enanthate Genopharm

The active component of this steroid is drostanolone enanthate. This substance is derived from dihydrotestosterone and has a long half-life. Thanks to the latter property, athletes do not need to take frequent injections. Since drostanolone was created on the basis of dihydrotestosterone, it is not able to interact with the aromatase enzyme.

Also, this substance has a high rate of androgenic activity – 130 percent. As for anabolic activity, Masteron from this point of view is characterized as a moderate anabolic. This combination of basic steroid properties makes it a unique anabolic-androgenic steroid. The rest of the drugs in this group have a higher rate of anabolic activity in comparison with androgenic.

This fact also indicates that only men can order Masteron Enanthate from Genopharm. Drostanolone has already been used in traditional medicine for the treatment of certain cancers in women. Despite good results, its use had to be abandoned due to frequent side effects. For the male body, Masteron can be considered one of the safest steroid drugs.

We note the main positive properties of this drug:

  • actively stimulates the processes of lipolysis,
  • has strong anti-catabolic properties,
  • increases strength and performance
  • accelerates the processes of liquid utilization,
  • enhances muscle venousness.

It is also worth noting that the price of Masteron Enanthate from Genopharm looks democratic.

Masterone e Genopharm solo course rules

As mentioned above, drostanolone enanthate has a long half-life. Thanks to this, you can do a maximum of 2 injections for seven days. In this case, the weekly dosage of the drug is 200-600 mg. The duration of the masterone e Genopharm course is 8-12 weeks. After stopping the drug, we recommend post-cycle therapy.

Features of combining a steroid

Drostanolone is quite popular among athletes. For novice bodybuilders, solo courses with this steroid will be an excellent choice, while experienced athletes cannot do without combining steroids. Most often, Masteron is used during the drying period. This drug is introduced into the composition of mass-gathering courses much less frequently. We can note the most popular bundles: testosterone propionate, trenbolone acetate, oxandrolone, turinabol, primobolan, testosterone phenylpropionate, winstrol, stanozolol.

What side effects should athletes be wary of?

On the Internet, there are often reviews about Masteron Enanthate Genopharm. With their help, athletes share their impressions of the use of drostanolone. First of all, they note the good effectiveness of this steroid drug. At the same time, do not forget to point out its high level of security. Even with high androgenic activity, in men, side effects of this type are rare. As for other types of negative effects, you are guaranteed not to encounter them.


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