Enanthal-250 Testosterone Malay Tiger Enanthate | 1 ampoule/ml – 250 mg/ml



Testosterone Enanthate from Malay Tiger is a man-made form of the male hormone. This drug is popular among athletes. If you want to order testosterone enanthate from Malay Tiger on favorable terms, then contact our online store of sports pharmacology Black Side. Athletes use enanthate to quickly gain mass and improve strength.

Main Effects of Testosterone Enanthate Malay Tiger

Enanthal was the first long-acting testosterone containing steroid. Not surprisingly, he immediately became a hit among athletes. Even after the appearance of the second long ester on the market, testosterone cypionate enanthate continued to remain out of competition for a long time.

Today the situation has changed. Athletes treat the two long ethers of male hubbub with equal respect. Historically, it so happened that bodybuilders from the post-Soviet space most often decide to buy testosterone enanthate from Malay Tiger. In the West, athletes are more likely to purchase cypionate. Nevertheless, these are interchangeable steroids with the same effectiveness.

Using enanthal-250 from Malay Tiger you can get the following results:

  • increase strength and performance
  • kick a lot of average quality,
  • eliminate pain in the joints,
  • suppress catabolic processes in the body,
  • enhance sexual desire.

Enanthal-250 Malay Tiger solo course rules

The weekly dose is 250-750 mg. It should be administered in two doses to ensure the absence of hormonal pits. The duration of the course is most often limited to 10-12 weeks. This time period is sufficient to obtain excellent results.

Since the anabolic-androgenic steroid under consideration today actively aromatizes, you will have to take aromatase inhibitors. Many athletes prefer anastrozole. It is a strong antiestrogen with a simple administration regimen. After stopping the enanthate intake, it is mandatory to carry out restorative therapy.

Start taking estrogen-type receptor blockers 10-14 days after your last steroid injection. Within 3-4 weeks, you will have to use 50 mg of Clomid or 20 mg of tamoxifen. It is enough to use one of these antiestrogen.

Features of combining a steroid

To get the best possible results from the use of enki, experienced bodybuilders use this steroid in conjunction with other drugs. The optimal solution is bundles with boldenone, oxymetholone, parabolan, trenbolone enanthate.

What side effects should athletes be wary of?

All steroids can cause side effects. Testosterone enanthate has a great effect on the body. It is quite obvious that if the requirements of the instructions for use are violated, the likelihood of encountering negative effects increases.

Most often, bodybuilders are concerned about estrogenic side effects. To combat them, simply add an aromatase inhibitor to the course. Possible manifestations and androgenic negative effects, but this happens infrequently. If you still encountered them, then start taking finasteride or its analogues. As part of courses lasting from three months, you should introduce gonadotropin. Also, novice athletes should study testosterone enanthate reviews from Malay Tiger to get to know this drug better.


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