Course for gaining muscle mass Beginner


All courses on our website are written by a professional coach of athletes and multiple champions of the CIS and foreign tournaments in bodybuilding and power sports.

Courses are scheduled in the "general" format. For a more detailed consultation, you can contact our manager, he will select everything personally for you.

When changing brands of pharmacology, the price will change (But so will the result)

Each application table indicates:

  • In red = applied pharmacology
  • Green = PCT
  • In yellow = Aromatase inhibitors

All health and excellent results!


weeks Turinabol Clomid 1 30mg/day 2 40mg/day 3 40mg/day 4 40mg/day 5 40mg/day 6 40mg/day 7 40mg/day 8 30mg/day 9 50mg/day 10 25mg/day 11 25mg/day

The course will require:

200 Turinabol tablets and 1 blister Clomed 25x25mg

Course cost by Zillt brand 1857 UAH

When buying the entire course at once, the promotional price is 1750 UAH

With good nutrition, training and sleep on the course, it is possible to gain from 5 to 8 kg


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