Treno H Parabolan Zillt Medicine | 1 ampoule/ml – 100 mg/ml



Using parabolan from the German manufacturer Zillt Medicine, bodybuilders can gain the maximum amount of mass. This drug is very popular. Note that only professional bodybuilders can buy Zillt Medicine parabolan. This is primarily due to the high impact of tren on the body. Beginners should choose lighter anabolic-androgenic steroids.

Main effects of Parabolan Zillt Medicine

This steroid is based on trenbolone hexahydrobenzyl carbonate. This substance is an improved version of nandrolone and has a long half-life. In addition, tren is completely devoid of a tendency to aromatize. Here it is worth recalling that nandrolone is converted into estrogens, albeit not as actively as testosterone-containing steroids.

For most bodybuilders, the main distinguishing feature of trenbolone hexa from other anabolic drugs is the combination of the main steroid properties of this drug. Recall that tren has one of the highest rates of anabolic activity (400%), and is also a powerful androgen (200%). Thus, if you decide to order Zillt Medicine parabolan, you will be able to gain the maximum possible amount of mass.

As for the positive qualities of this steroid, we note the following:

  • on the course of the drug there is a significant increase in muscle mass,
  • increases performance and strength
  • the secretion of insulin-like growth factor is accelerated,
  • has strong fat burning properties,
  • slows down the production of cortisol and other catabolic hormonal substances.

It is impossible to call the price of parabolan from Zillt Medicine low.Nevertheless, it is fully consistent with the effectiveness of this anabolic. You can be sure that all the funds invested in tren will fully pay off.

Treno H Zillt Medicine solo course rules

We have already noted that this anabolic is one of the most powerful on the market. That is why we strongly recommend that you strictly adhere to all recommendations for its use. The weekly dose is 150-300 mg. Due to the long half-life of the active ingredient, injections can be given a maximum of 2 times within seven days.

The duration of the course should not exceed 12 weeks. Bodybuilding fans use this steroid drug for no more than 8 weeks. If your course exceeds 8 weeks, then you should add cabergoline to the course to eliminate progestogenic activity. After stopping the steroid, conduct post-cycle therapy. During this period, only Clomid can be used.

Features of combining a steroid

Trenbolone can be used in combination with any AAS, with the exception of nandrolone. This is due to the presence of progestogenic activity in these substances. Since this steroid is mass-gathering, athletes use it in conjunction with testosterone cypionate, sustanon, anadrol, testosterone enanthate, boldenone.

What side effects should athletes be wary of?

It is quite obvious that when using powerful steroids, the risks of developing side effects are quite high. However, with proper use of pharmacology, you can avoid their occurrence. We have already talked about the importance of using cabergoline. This medication is by far the best way to combat progestogen negative effects.

If your course lasts more than six weeks, then gonadotropin should be added to its composition.This medication imitates the work of gonadotropic hormones, thereby stimulating the process of endogenous testosterone synthesis. As a result, the activity of the pituitary axis will be maintained throughout the course. Zillt Medicine parabolan reviews are common on the Internet, and you will find them without much difficulty.


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