Primo Primobolan Zillt Medicine | 1 ampoule/ml – 100 mg/ml



Primobolan from the well-known German pharmaceutical company Zillt Medicine is primarily known for its high degree of safety. As a result, beginner bodybuilders can safely use it. Moreover, women also have the opportunity to buy Primobolan Zillt Medicine to improve sports results.

Main effects of Primobolan Zillt Medicine

The active ingredient of the drug is methenolone enanthate. This substance was synthesized in the mid-sixties and is derived from dihydrotestosterone. At the same time, Primobolan is a moderate androgen, in contrast to the original hormone. The corresponding type's activity rate is 44 percent. Methenolone also does not differ in high anabolic activity – no more than 90%.

It is because of this combination of basic steroid properties that many bodybuilding fans consider prima to be not the most effective anabolic. We do not agree with such a statement. To confirm the correctness of the decision to order Primobolan from Zillt Medicine, it is enough to find an interview on the Internet with Iron Arnie, who repeatedly claimed that Primo was his favorite steroid.

Among the positive qualities of this drug can be noted:

  • does not aromatize
  • has strong fat burning properties,
  • is a strong anti-catabolic,
  • improves the relief of the body,
  • allows you to gain mass without active fluid retention in body tissues,
  • after the course, there is a minimal rollback effect.

Many bodybuilders also like the price of Primobolan from Zillt Medicine. This drug is available to a wide range of athletes.

Rules for conducting a solo course Primo Zillt Medicine

This steroid produces a prolonged effect on the body. This eliminates the need for frequent injections. To guarantee an even hormonal background, it is enough for you to give injections twice within seven days. For women, the weekly dose is in the range of 50-100 mg. Men in a similar time period can enter 200-600 mg. The duration of the courses can reach the mark of 12 weeks.

Features of combining a steroid

Primo Zillt Medicine has a good compatibility with other steroid drugs. This suggests that you can use it in conjunction with any steroids. Even women have the opportunity to conduct combined courses with the participation of prima. However, the choice for them is limited to only two drugs: anavar and turinabol. The first option is the safest. There are no such restrictions for men. They prefer to combine the intake with testosterone phenylpropionate, winstrol, drostanolone, trenbolone acetate, stanozolol, testosterone propionate.

What side effects should athletes be wary of?

We have already noted that this steroid has a high degree of safety. That is why it can be used by athletes of any level of training, regardless of their gender. Methenolone does not have quilted activity and aromatizes extremely poorly. As a result, you are guaranteed not to encounter these types of side effects.

Moderate androgenic activity indicates a low risk of acne, baldness and other negative effects of the androgenic type. Prima also has little effect on the activity of the pituitary axis. As a result, you do not need to use gonadotropin. However, this statement is only true for solo courses. The high popularity of this steroid is eloquently evidenced by the number of Zillt Medicine reviews of Primobolan posted online.


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